Surprising Health Benefits of Rose petals, Rose water, Rose oil

Health Benefits of Rose petals, Rosewater, Rose oil

There are some flowers which hold reverence all over the world. If I ask you to name the best, there is one word which can come easily – Rose. Well, this flower has captivated hundreds of poets all over the world. Also, this flower is given as a token of friendship in gatherings, for proposing love and for many purposes. But not many know about the health benefits of this flower. Its beauty has overshadowed the health benefits it can give to the human body. In this article, let us focus on the health benefits of rose.

Health Benefits of Rose petals, Rose water, Rose oil

Health Benefits of Rose Plant

As we said before, their health benefits outmaneuver the hard times you spent on growing a rose plant.

A rose, you can use it in any kind of religious festival. In the good olden paintings, you can find thousands of paintings which have women with roses in their hair.

Do the parts of rose plants used in cooking? You bet. Rose hips are used in soup, jams, jelly, marmalade, tea because they contain a high volume of Vitamin C content. Well, we feel that you have not heard the word ‘rosehip.’ True? Now, get ready for another surprise. Rosehip is the fruit of this plant. There are various kinds of colors in rose hips such as red, orange, black or dark purple. The rise time of the fruits, you have to wait for the last week of summer till the beginning week of autumn.

Health Benefits of Different parts of Roses

Health Benefits of Rose Oil

We have already mentioned the medicinal benefits of rose oil in this article. Now let us look into the details. The oil is well known for its cosmetic and medical benefits. It can lighten scars of post pregnancy, assist you in combating stress, depression and many more. It enhances the immunity power of your body. With women, it reduces the effect of post menstrual syndrome, regulates menstrual periods and assists in keeping the uterus healthy. The medicinal components found in rose oil are eugenol, methyl eugenol, Citronellol, carvone, and phenylacetaldehyde.


Have got a fever? Do you feel it is because of food poisoning? Then, you can prepare a medicinal tea out of all the parts of the rose flower plant. For example, the tea made from rose hips, leaves, petals can reduce the fever in your body. Toxins get flushed out from the body. The presence of flavonoids in the tea enhance the immunity of your body.

Health Benefits of Rose Petals

Let us get into the beneficial chemical components found in rose plants. Some of them are terpenes, flavonoids, anthocyanins, glycosides and many more. Other components are quercetin, kaempferol, carboxylic acid, and myrcene. The oil derived from rose flower does also have medicinal properties, but we will look into the aspect later. Some components, you find in rose oil are nerol, geraniol, nonadecane, and kaempferol. But the most beneficial components for human health are the phenolic compounds. These chemicals exhibit antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and anti-cancerous properties. They act as scavengers of free radicals. Some vitamins found in rose are vitamin B3, vitamin A, C, D, and E

Rose Jam or Gulkhand

In India and Asian countries, you can find the Rose Jam sold at marketplaces. High in nutrition, it is made from honey, rose petals, ghee, and other healthy ingredients. You can also get the rose jam made from dry fruits, banana, and other kitchen ingredients. Are your suffering from mouth ulcers? The condition has happened because of excess heat in your body. It can also be used to get relief from are inflammation in the eyes, stomach ulcers and many more.


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If there is one feeling, that can cause severe obstacles to your goals, it is depression. In urban cities, stress and lack of exercise take a heavy toll on human health. When coupled with depression, you can easily become prone to illness, the rise in blood pressure and heart attacks. Regular consumption of rose products helps you ward off illness. The chemical components responsible for enhancing positive feelings in your brain are known as flavonoids. They prevent depression. Rose plant extract can reduce the formation of amyloid beta in the human body. This chemical, if accumulated in large quantities becomes the reason for Alzheimer disease. The other beneficial medicinal compounds are geraniol and eugenol, well-known for their antiepileptic properties.

Infection Cure

Suffering from stomach pain? Or indigestion? Then drink the tea made from rose petals. The chemical components found in the petals assist in the cleaning of the gallbladder. Other benefits are relief from sore throats and bronchial infections.

Relief From Constipation

As you know, there are different varieties of rose plants. It is believed that the Persian variety of roses and even Indian roses gives relief in times of constipation. Distilled rose water does also give other benefits such as cleaning the blood, and improving the positivity of the mind. In the olden days, rose water was used for treatment against measles and chickenpox. In recent times, software engineers use rose water for giving relief to the eyes. They dip cotton in rose water and apply over the eyes to get relief after a hard day’s work.

Other benefits

In the olden days, it was used for the treatment of menstrual pain.

It has anti-depressant properties.


Roses are always associated with positive feelings. Mention rose. You are reminded of a scene in a movie, where a hero hands over a rose as a symbol of love. The scent of rose petals can arouse feelings of love, and eating rose jam or other products made from rose can increase the libido of men. In olden days, rose products were used to help deal with problems related to erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, frigidity, and impotency.


Have you gone through the article? By now, you must have gained enough information on the medicinal properties of rose, rose petals, rose hips, rose jam and rose oil. But please do not forget the fact, that the products of rose plants are always expensive. Let us take a case study. You stay in Bangalore and have an own house with garden. So if you wanna grow rose plants in your garden to get the best maximum benefits, you will have to opt for guidance from the professionals who provide the best gardening services in Bangalore To select the right professional, you can book a service with one of the best companies who provide home care services in Bangalore. These companies have qualified, experienced gardeners in their payrolls. You can downloaded their app and place a request as per your convenience after scanning through the many gardener profiles. The concerned gardener will come to your office, conduct an inspection and will give the best tips. Now, the rose garden in your home would become the toast of your area.

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