Millennial wedding trends 2019| Bridal Trends

What do Millennial Brides want- Millennial wedding trends 2019| Bridal Trends

The millennial term is expanding and the context of the same is also changing day by day. When you notice millennial being used, then what comes in your mind in an instant, some modern ideas. And thus similar are our millennial brides. Weddings are a very serious and extravagant affair in India. And thus anything associated with brides is sure to catch the attention.

But we have noticed that the bridal trend is changing quite rapidly. There are some major changes in weddings which is hard to go unnoticed. Thus, here let’s have a look at what are those major changes and what actually our millennial brides want –

Unconventional Colours

Brides were characterized by reds. And of course, shaadi means an overdose of red. But thankfully that is changing right now. Brides these days are open to experimenting with different kind of colors.

Be it white, gold, pastel colors, green, violet everything. And the lehengas are thus available in extremely beautiful colors. And even if they are going with reds then the shades differ like blood red, vampire red and likewise.

Natural Makeup

Of course, the natural makeup and use of sustainable products are increasing day by day. you don’t want to use plastic in any form and thus you are giving the same message in your marriage too. Thus, you will see these days the majority of the brides are using real flowers as hair accessories. Gone are those days when dramatic and hair wigs were used.


Subtle Makeup

Makeup artists used to think that since it is the bride, then the spotlight should only be on the bride. And the bridal makeup used to be soooo heavy. The bride used to shine even without any spotlight. Gone are those days, now the makeup opted by the brides are quite subtle and light. Rather than matte makeup the preference is given to dewy makeup which is quite natural and lightweight.

Modern Jewelry

Earlier the brides were decked from top to bottom in jewelry only and that too gold. Gold jewelry was quite heavy and had that old tale look. But today you can get quite fashionable jewelry in terms of Kundan, polki, meenakari, diamond and lot more.



Earlier brides were said to wear mostly buns on their wedding day. But now you will see a number of brides with different hairstyles, wearing their hair open or keeping it half-open. Brides today are open to experimentation and thus quite different bridal hairstyles are being tried.

Millennial wedding trends

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Integrated look

Since everybody is short of time these days. The bridal functions are also integrated. You will mostly find shaadi and reception is combined into one function and likewise. thus, the bridal outfit also should be similar. This is the reason most brides are opting for gowns these days rather than the usual lehenga or sarees.


Earlier shaadi footwear was only pencil heels. But thank God that trend has changed. Today by footwear we mean different types of shoes, wedges or maybe sneakers too. And why not you need to be comfortable at your weddings. So, wear what you feel like.

Candid Photos

Gone are those days when photographers asked you to pose for your weddings, now the time has changed and photographers ask you for a candid shot. While talking or chatting with friends or simply looking at the food or looking at your partner, you never know when you are clicked.

Statement Rings

Also, the brides these days focus on statement rings. So, rather than buying her too many rings. Buy her one single statement jewelry. Save your money and buy her a solitaire if you can.

Save up

And the latest and quite reasonable trend is that Millenials these days want to save up on the wedding which is quite reasonable. Instead, they want to splurge on the honeymoon. This gets a huge thumbs up.

Let us know if you would like to add any more points here. We would love to hear your thoughts too.

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Millennial wedding trends 2019| Bridal Trends

What do Millennial Brides want- Millennial wedding trends 2019| Bridal Trends The millennial term is expanding and the context of the same is also changing

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  1. Amazing, I will definitely consider this idea for my wedding but for now I have concentrated n my beauty by using Vitamin C Serum.

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