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How are you all? It’s already the third month of 2017 and I have no idea how and when two months of this year got over (is that only me??) March month is a spring season but here in my place *salem, Tamil Nadu* summer has started. And during summer oily skin becomes oilier, me having an oily skin type thought of doing a post for all the beautiful girls out there with oily skin. Oh yes men can also follow this routine but most of the guys don’t follow CTM routine as far as I have seen *at least my dad & my brother doesn’t follow it* I have already done morning skincare routine where I have explained everything in detail. What is CTM ( cleansing, Toning, moisturizing) and why it is important to follow such routine. If you have not read that do read that here (AFFORDABLE MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE FOR THE BEGINNERS) So basically this is going to be my updated morning skincare routine and is more concentrated for oily skin. So let’s get started?

Morning skincare routine for oily skin, khadija beauty


The very first thing in my morning skincare routine is to cleanse my face *obviously after brushing* The cleanser I use is an oil control facial foam from Inatur. It removes the excess oil the moment you wash it off and also doesn’t makes the skin too oily after few hours. Which means it does control the oil secretion. So to all the guy and girls, men and women who have oily and combination skin this is the effective product you must try. Inatur’s facial foam is good for pimple and acne prone skin also as it prevents the occurrence of pimples.

It is Sulphate free, 100% soap free, Vegan, Not tested on animals, Gentle and effective, Soothes the skin and gives a fresh feeling, Contains 5 precious herbs, pH balanced, Removes excess oil, dirt, Opens clogged pores, Travel-friendly packaging. Read my full review on this here—-Inatur Oil Control Facial Foam Review| Vegan| pH balanced| Soap free 

Inatur oil control facial foam review, khadija beauty

And weekly twice I use Mud ash 3-in-1 from Greenberry Organics as my cleanser. This is again organic, helps prevent pimples, Gives refreshing feeling to the skin, Suitable for all skin types, Makes the skin soft and supple, Exfoliates without being harsh on skin, Both men and women can use this. You can read it’s detailed review here—-Greenberry Organics Cocoa Butter Body and Hand Lotion Review| Hydrating and healthy skin

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Facial mist

Next step what I do in my morning skincare routine is slightly different. I don’t use toner but instead I just spray my face with a face mist. The facial mist which I am currently using is a DIY which I prepared especially for my oily skin and to control the break outs.

It is Refreshing, Super hydrating for both face and hair, Controls breakouts, Calms down the skin, Green tea controls the excess oil, Protects from sunburn. This is very easy to make and does not require too many products too. See my DIY on this face mist here—DIY Face Mist for Oily and Dry skin| Hair Mist

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I am trying to shift all of my skincare products to organic. I want to use all natural and herbal products on my skin and you can see my face wash and almost all of them are organic. But my moisturiser alone doesn’t fall under that category. For moisturising my face I use dove beauty cream. I am searching for a good organic moisturiser that would suit well for oily skin. If you know then please suggest me in the comments section below?

This cream has Cute and slim packaging, travel-friendly packaging, soft and creamy texture, Get absorbed into the skin in seconds, non-greasy, perfect for all skin types, do not cause break outs, multipurpose cream, amazingly moisturize the skin, very light on skin. Read full review on it here—Dove Beauty Cream Review| Non- Greasy moisturiser for all skin types

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So this is the most important step in morning skincare routine. Even if you are staying at home you should use sunscreen. Because doctors tell UV rays penetrate even through glasses. And using sunscreen prevents wrinkles, tanning, premature aging and sun burns. I used to apply it every day but now I skip this step sometimes *though I should not do this*

This is the only product which I have not changed and trust me this is the best sunscreen I have ever come across. It is Non-greasy, Mattifying, Good protection from the sun, Tinted, Travel friendly, Affordable, Smells good, User-friendly packaging, Suitable for all skin types, Completely safe for skin, Packaging comes in different sizes. Read my full review on this here—LOTUS HERBALS SAFE SUN 3-IN-1 MATTE LOOK DAILY SUNBLOCK SPF-40 REVIEW

sunscreen, sunblock,best sunscreen

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So that is it for today guys. Hope you found this helpful. And do let me know if there’s a good organic moisturiser for oily skin. 

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  1. Amazing morning skincare routine for oily skin. All the aspects related to skincare routine is clearly discussed in this post. Great efforts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Salem is a place in Tamil Naidu too?? This reminded me of Salem series which I’ve been watching these days! πŸ˜€
    By the way, awesome picks! πŸ™‚

  3. Nice routine. My skin is oily as well but here i am suffering from spring weather ? I also love Mud ash 3 in 1 and my skincare is almost same as well.

  4. Have you tried The Ordinary skincare? Ive recently got some bits and am obsessed!

  5. Am also from Tamilnadu πŸ™‚ Loved reading your skin care routine. Inatur face wash looks promising. For organic moisturizer you can try the Plum Green Tea moisturizer or their Hello Aloe variant…

  6. Even I feel the same.. We are in march now??
    Even I use mud ash and lotus sunscreen.

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