7 Minute Nighttime skincare routine

If you want a good skin then you have to invest some time in it just the way you invest your time for earning money. Nighttime skincare routine is as important as morning skincare routine. This is my updated nighttime skincare routine which would suit for oily to normal skin people. The skin repair mechanism is faster at night and that is why it is very important to follow a regimen that would aid in the renewal of the skin cells. It may be difficult to follow it regularly in the beginning but once you are used to it, it would not take more than 7 minutes to do all of the steps that I am going to mention below. So let’s get started.

nighttime skincare routine for oily skin, khadija beauty

Nighttime skincare routine step 1: Removing makeup

I don’t wear makeup every day. So if you are one who wears it every day then do not forget to remove your makeup. This is the most important and a very necessary step to keep your skin healthy. Removing your makeup before going to bed helps to breathe your skin all through the night.¬†

Nighttime skincare routine step 2: Cleansing

This is the next important step in night skincare routine. Even if you have removed your makeup well I suggest you double cleanse your face so that all of the remaining dirt and residues are removed. I use the same face wash which I use in the morning. Currently, I am using The Faceshop 365 herb day. This face wash instantly brightens up my face and removes the excess oil without making my skin dry. Read detailed review– The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Lemon Review.¬†But at night I prefer washing my face with the pore cleansing brush. The one which I use is The skin time pore cleansing brush. This brush has extremely soft bristles and it not¬†only removes the dirt from the deep pores, but also removes the superficial dry skin from the face. I felt my face very smooth, healthy and I didn’t feel any dryness on my face too. Which means this does not strip away the excess sebum from the face. Read the detailed review here—The Skin Time Pore Cleansing Brush review| No Acne & Blackheads.¬†This is a manual brush. You can also use automated brushes which run¬†on battery.¬†

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The skin time pore cleansing brush, khadija beauty, best cleansing brush for face

Another cleansing method which I follow for my night skincare routine on alternate days is the oil cleansing method. I have spoken about this amazing technique in one of my posts also.¬†oil cleansing method is a SKIN SAVIOUR and implementing this in your routine will completely change your skin condition. After doing this for more than a month or two I can clearly see the changes in my skin. I swear by this method and if you guys trust me then do try this. You will notice beautiful changes in your skin. There are oil blends for different skin type. My post on it may help you. Read about oil cleansing method in detail here—Oil Cleansing Method for acne| Get a guaranteed clear skin

Every 2-3 months you can also use bleach cream for getting rid of unwanted facial hairs and pigmentation. But when you are bleaching, skip the cleansing step. I am telling this here because it is always advisable to bleach in the evening or night.

Nighttime skincare routine step 3: Toning (optional)

If you have removed all your makeup then toning is a step which you can do for ensuring that all of the gunk is removed from your pores. I usually skip toner at night but do it regularly in the morning. I use La Roche-Posay¬†astringent toner and it is really good for oily and acne-prone skin. A little goes a long way. Read full review here–La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming gel, Toner and Effaclar Duo Review

Nighttime skincare routine step 4: Serum

So I use the same serum in my nighttime skincare routine which I use in the morning. It is the Neulie¬†Tea Tree BHA serum. ¬†I have reviewed this in detail here–(Neulii Tea Tree BHA Blemish Control Serum review| RoseRoseShop)¬†and have also talked about it in my morning skincare routine.¬†

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Nighttime skincare routine step 5: Moisturizing

At night I prefer facial oil over cream moisturizer. I use either LOA miracle oil or Osperi jojoba oil depending on my mood and skin condition. And I use boroline just on my lips. Boroline is one cream that I have been applying on my lips every single night since my school days. It keeps the lips hydrated all through the night. This is the only product in my night skincare routine which has remained unchanged for ages. (Detailed review- Boroline Review| Best Night Cream For Dry Skin

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Available in these packagings

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Miracle oil claims to hydrate, nourish and calm inflammatory conditions. And I would say it does more than just hydrating. I use this miracle oil all over my face before going to bed and the next morning my skin feels baby soft and healthy. I have also noticed an¬†improvement in my skin texture after 4-5 days itself. Since I am using it at night I apply 4-5 drops of miracle oil and massage it well into my skin. You can feel your skin smooth immediately after massaging this oil into your skin. As I always prefer extra hydration at night I use it in more quantity but still, miracle oil doesn’t make my skin feel oily and sticky. Read full review here—LŇĆA Miracle Oil Review| Say Good Bye to Acne, Eczema & Rashes

Jojoba oil 

This oil provides a very good moisture throughout the night. Even if you use a little extra, your face will look oily but will not be sticky at all and that’s the reason I am loving it. Now you must be thinking wouldn’t it cause breakouts when it is used on an oily skin. Then the answer is no. This is completely natural and cold pressed oil. Most of the time all of the natural and cold pressed oils do not cause breakouts provided they suit you and your skin type. Read full review here—Osperi Review| Get a glowing skin by following customised skincare routine

Nighttime skincare routine step 6: Under eye cream

I am currently using The Himalayas under eye¬†cream. It is on my testing table and all that I can tell is it hydrates my under eye really well. I can’t tell much about its effectiveness on dark circles still. Because it just been a week or two. I will do a detailed review after testing it. But if you are searching for a good hydrating under eye cream then this would work.¬†

Anti-acne cream

When I face break outs I usually spot treat it with an anti-acne ointment called clindac A which was recommended by my dermatologist. It has worked well for me and I would suggest you consult your dermat before proceeding with any medicinal ointments.

Nighttime skincare routine step 7: DRINK WATER

And last but not the least, drink lots of water before going to bed. Not just our skin but even our body needs hydration throughout the night. 

nighttime skincare routine for oily skin, khadija beauty

That is it guys. I hope this helped you. It may sound to be a long process but trust me it is not. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram

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