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Today I am going to share with you all about a brand who has classy and luxurious tattoo collections? The brand is called Tat Queen and they are Asia’s leading metallic temporary tattoos brand. I personally do not prefer getting inked and to the people like me the best option is temporary tattoos. The best thing about temporary tattoos is we can stick them in no time and they can be changed according to the mood, costume and seasons. Oh yes one more thing about them is that we can have them on our skin without any pain. Now without any further blah blah let me get into the review ?

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

Three collections available

Beach, Party time and Elegance. The one which I received from them for reviewing is Elegance.

Price: $16. The other two collections is for $13

Availability: Available on their official site. Buy HERE


tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

About the brand- Tat Queen

  •  Uses the highest quality materials for a long-lasting shine
  •  Asia’s leading metallic tattoos brand
  •  APPLICABLE not only to skin or hair, but on anything (coffee cups, bags, phone cases, nails, etc.)
  •  Attractive stand-display design for consumers

My review on Tat Queen’s Temporary Tattoos

I got the elegance collection of temporary tattoos which came in a classy black envelope with an elegant picture and the brand name was written on it. The envelope had all of the details where it was mentioned that it contains five sheets. But inside the envelope, I had six sheets which is a good thing*surprise*❤

Now inside the envelope as I said I had six sheets out of them 3 were gold, 2 were black and 1 was silver colored temporary tattoos. I loved all of them except one of the black colored tattoos. It is not that I didn’t like it, it is just that I did not understand the design. I feel like it is some symbolic letter in some language. If you guys did understand then do let me know in the comments section. I will insert all of the images below.

Six sheets which I received

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

How I used these temporary tattoos

I was super happy seeing a unicorn tattoo? you in them. These temporary tattoos can be used for any purpose. You can use it your hand or any part of the skin, hair or you can also stick it on any of your stationary items. I wanted to try these temporary tattoos on my hand, phone case and coffee mug. But as of now I don’t have any special occasions or a party to attend so I did not try it on my hand. When I use it on my hand will post that on my Instagram so make sure you follow me there? Now I tried this on my clear phone case and I was extremely surprised by the way it changed my whole case look. It made my phone case look really stylish.

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

Quality and longevity

The most important thing about any product is its quality. So now coming to the quality of these temporary tattoos, I can very well tell that they are indeed a high quality tattoos. And they claim that these temporary tattoos will stay in place for 4-6 days. But I think it will stay in place for almost a month if use on phone cases. And if you are using it on a flower vase or on any showpiece then they would last forever. These temporary tattoos from Tat Queen doesn’t get washed off in water. Yes I tried pouring water on my phone case and wiped them off very slightly. The tattoo stayed in the same place. But if you try to scratch or wipe it vigorously when it is wet then obviously it is going to come off.

The size of each sheet is 80*100mm. And there are many ways we can use these tattoos. The corners can be cut apart and they can be used on the wrist as a bracelet or on the fingers like the rings. These temporary tattoos transfers very easily without any hassles. Sticking these tattoos are very similar to sticking the free tattoos which we used to get with the chewing gum-boomer*Childhood memories ?*

The ways I am planning to use these temporary tattoos

On my wrist

On the backside of my hand

Cut a small section and stick them in my finger

On my laptop

On my coffee mug

On a plain flower vase

Ebook Promo

How to Apply

  • Apply to clean, dry skin.
  • Remove the clear sheet and place the tattoo on your skin or hair. Do not stretch the skin during the application process. 
  • Wet the tattoo completely for about 30 seconds.
  • Remove the paper and give it some time to set into the skin or hair.
  • Enjoy your new look for about 4-6 days!

How to remove

Apply baby oil or lotion over the area of tattoo then rub it off


Do not apply on sensitive skin, around eyes or if allergic to adhesive.

Amazing things about Tat queen Luxury temporary tattoos

Free shipping on all international orders

Good quality

Very easy to use

Non-toxic and safe

Three different collections available

Doesn’t get washed off with water

Classy, quirky and elegant designs available

These are multipurpose temporary tattoos



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My Ratings (out of 5 *)

I would give it a 5*

Final Verdict

On a whole, if you love experimenting your looks with temporary tattoos then I would highly recommend you try this. These are non-toxic, safe and multipurpose temporary tattoos that can be used not just on skin or hair but on any of your favorite gadgets or objects.

That is it guys. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask in the comments section or through mail or DM me on Instagram? And if you liked this then please follow and subscribe me. 

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  1. the designs are super cool and I loved the way it changed the look of the plain case

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