Himalaya under eye cream review

Himalaya under eye cream review

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Dark circles are something one-third of the population are experiencing. There are various reasons for under eye dark circles. It may be due to lack of sleep, working on the screen for long hours, improper diet and while in some cases it can also be genetic. The best way I would recommend to treat them is to take lots of veggies and antioxidants. But we have to provide our skin both internally and externally with antioxidants and other necessary supplements. That is when under eye cream comes into use. And moreover, eye creams should be included in the skincare routine by all of you guys. They are meant to provide hydration.

I have tried many different ways to treat dark circles. probably will do a separate detailed post on that. But today I am going to review an under eye cream from a well know brand “Himalaya“ *most of you guys might have tried this too* But let me give my version of review on this.

himalaya under eye cream review, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.180 for 15ml ( You can also find some offers on amazon. I got it for Rs.135 something)

Availability: Available on AMAZON, NYKAA

Main Ingredients: Cipadessa Baccifera, Winter Begonia, Wheat Germ Oil 

What it does:

Himalaya’s Under Eye Cream contains a proven and safe blend of herbs specially created to care for the delicate area around the eyes. The breakthrough herbal actives reduce the appearance of dark circles and protect the sensitive area under the eyes from sunlight. Our Under Eye Cream detoxifies and moisturizes the under eye area and smoothens wrinkles and fine lines. Its regular use helps prevent new wrinkle formation.Importance of under eye cream

Why you should be using an under eye cream

Under eyes creams not just treat dark circles but it also protects the under eye skin. The skin in this area is usually the most sensitive and delicate and we should give a special care to them. Most of us tend to skip an under eye cream which would lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

My experience with Himalaya under eye cream


Well the packaging is quite basic. It comes in a cardboard box where you can find all of the details regarding this eye cream. Then the cream comes in a small cute plastic tube with a green cap

himalaya under eye cream review, khadija beauty

How is the consistency and the color of Himalaya under eye cream?

This under eye cream is light peach in colour. The consistency as a cream is on a thicker side but once you blend it, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. A Little amount goes a long way.

How is the smell and texture?

It doesn’t have any significant smell as such which is a yayyy for people with a sensitive nose. And coming to the texture, it is creamy and not at all sticky. It gets absorbed into the skin within a minute and provides a very good hydration to the under eyes.

himalaya under eye cream review, khadija beauty

himalaya under eye cream review, khadija beauty

Does this Himalaya under eye cream works?

So the most important thing which we want to know before trying any product is, is it effective? And that is when you guys search for reviews. Right? So let me tell you guys about it in detail. I posted a picture of this on my Instagram two months back and a lot of you guys asked for the review. Since then, I am continuously using it so that I can give a proper review on it. I used this every night before going to bed. This cream claims 50% reduction of dark circles in 4 weeks. So in terms of reducing dark circles, it does work. I was able to see the difference after using this regularly for 30-40 days.

As per their claims, it cured half of my dark circles. I was able to notice it. And apart from that, it keeps the under eye area moisturized throughout the night.

This under eye cream also claims to smoothens the wrinkles and fine lines but I was not able to see the difference in my fine lines. But when it comes to dark circles, it did lighten my under eye area. I have tried using vitamin E oil also in the past which worked fine but it was too thick and sticky which is why I shifted to this.

Use this Himalaya under eye cream every night and you will not experience dry patches or dry skin around your eyes. Since it claims to prevent fine lines, I use it on my eyelids as well. Prevention is always better than cure. We can use this eye cream to prep under eye area before makeup also. The ingredients present in this cream are meant to treat dark circles and also provide hydration.

Amazing things about Himalaya under eye cream

Treats dark circles

Provide a good hydration for the under eye area

Creamy and non- stick

Doesn’t feel heavy on the skin

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Contains blends of herbs which help in preventing dark circles and fine lines

Contains wheat germ oil which is rich in Vitamin E and has antioxidant properties

This Small tube will last for almost 4 months.

Affordable. You can get this at a much lower rate during some sale on Amazon.

Bestseller under the category of under eye cream on Amazon


Contains Paraben, Imidazolidinyl urea and Propylene glycol

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Final verdict

I would highly recommend this Himalaya under eye cream to all of you guys. Be patient and use this for at least a month, you will be able to see the difference. It is affordable and effective.

That is it guys. Hope this post was helpful. Are you going to try this? Do let me know in the comments below. If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram.

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