5 Ways to wear summer outfits in winters

5 Ways to wear summer outfits in winters

winter dressing style, khadija beauty
Summers came and passed by, what left is the beautiful dresses and crop tops and shorts you have invested all your money in. Ladies, don’t worry about the pretty online dresses you bought and now you’re heartbroken in locking them up because of winters. Instead of crimping for those cute floral dresses and paining your head thinking about your winter wardrobe essentials, get those dresses out and match them up with winter clothes. Check out how easily you can turn your whole summer wardrobe into a stylish winter one. Believe me, it’s not that easy.

Here are the tips to use the same summer outfits and create your winter style:

1. High knee boots with dresses

winter dressing style, khadija beauty
Don’t throw your pretty dresses away or lock them in your closet. You can use the same summer dresses in winters as well. What do you think these high knee boots are!? You can wear these floral dresses even in winters. Pair them up with high knee boots and you’re all set to go. Wear a leather jacket or denim jacket with a beanie for a winter look.

2. Funky sweaters with salwars

winter dressing style, khadija beauty
Firstly, who said salwars are only meant to be worn with kurtis!? Moreover, who said you can’t wear them in winters!? With a wide array of online salwars available in different designs, styles and materials; you can match that up with long cardigans or sweaters even in winters. You can match your dhoti, harem and afghani style salwars with sweaters and enjoy the funky look.

3. Maxi dresses with denim jackets

winter dressing style, khadija beauty
Maxi dresses are the new ‘in’ trend. They are cool, stylish and extremely comfy. Whether you wear them in summers and flaunt your gorgeous curves and style them with sneakers or boots with jackets in winters. They go along with everything. This winter, try pairing your long maxi dresses with denim jeans for a casual look. You can wear warm leggings within to keep yourself warm. Layer a woolen scarf to complete your winter look.

4. Crop tops with high waisted jeans

winter dressing style, khadija beauty
Just like those online dresses, you have invested much in crop tops as well. Why not use these beautiful crop tops with high-waisted jeans and layer a long coat over it. Wearing ankle boots will be a cherry on the top. Let these sexy crop tops help you in flaunting your beautiful curves even in winters.

5. Shorts with opaque leggings

winter dressing style, khadija beauty
How come we forget about the women’s favourite clothing piece? The look super cool, and extremely comfy. Go along with crop tops or tees or shirts or anything you want to match them with. When in doubt, wear shorts! You can easily pair the same summer shorts with a pair of opaque leggings and wear cutoffs. All you need is a smile on your face and a scarf to keep you warm.

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With the modern and hi-tech era, everything is available online. From colourful and variety of online salwars to warm and cozy scarfs, you can get anything on IndiaRush at attractive prices. Don’t let the cool breezy wind and snow ruin your style you maintained whole summer. Enjoy the winters with the same summer wardrobe.

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