O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash review

O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash review| For oily and sensitive skin

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Looking for a face wash that could take off excess oil from your face? It’s summer here and oily skin people might be looking for a face wash that would help them maintain oil-free face. Excess oil production leads to pimples and clogged pores. I am going to review a face wash from a professional brand called O3+ which I guess a lot of you guys must have heard about it. It is their cooling and purifying tea tree face wash. So without any further blah blah let’s get into the review

O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

Price: Rs.385 for 50g

Availability: Amazon, Nykaa

My experience with O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash review


It comes in a white tube with flip open cap. You can find all of the details regarding the face wash on this tube. I was shocked to see the size of the tube though. It came in a big outer cardboard box inside which I found a small tube of this face wash

Earlier their packaging was different. In the older packaging, you can see tea tree on the front side of the tube. But now tea tree is found only on their ingredient list. The color combinations and the fonts everything is different in newer packaging. I have the latest one.

Ingredients of O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

How are the color and consistency?

This O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash is a gel-based cleanser. So it is clear white in color. It has a runny consistency.

O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

How’s the smell of O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

It has a good fragrance and I really don’t know how to exactly describe it. It is a mix of glycerin and some other ingredients, but it’s not strong or awful. All that I can tell is that it has a mild and soothing fragrance.

How is it?

As it is a gel based cleanser it doesn’t lather up/ foam up when applied to the face. After washing off I can feel my skin is cleansed. It says that this is suitable for normal to oily skin, but what I have noticed is that in the areas where I have normal skin (cheeks) I felt dryness after the wash. So this is suitable only for oily skin.

It removes excess oil instantly but leaves the skin a bit stretchy and dry, which goes away easily after applying even a mild moisturizer. I have noticed this with a lot of face wash which claims to remove oil.

So the after effects are- it makes the skin soft, removes excess oil and deeply cleanses the face. It has tea tree which is an amazing ingredient for acne prone and oily skin people. This face wash is mild and didn’t break me out too.

It removes all the dirt and impurities along with extra sebum but it didn’t give me any brightening effect on the face.

O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

Amazing things about O3+ cooling and purifying Tea tree face wash

Removes excess oil instantly from the face

Removes all the dirt and impurities

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Contains tea tree which helps in preventing and treating pimples.

Suitable only for oily skin people

Good one for sensitive skin


The quantity is less when compared to the price at which it comes. So expensive

Leaves the skin a bit dry and stretchy

Final verdict

If you have an oily skin and wanna get rid of all the excess oil then you can definitely try this. It is mild and suitable for sensitive skin people too. Other than removing the oil and the fact that it has tea tree extract in it, I didn’t find anything extraordinary or interesting in it. Yeah it does remove dirt from the face.

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  1. Facing a lot breakouts and acne these days . Need to try out this face wash.

  2. Thanks for sharing the honest feedback. While i have dry skin, in this weather i too face oily skin days – so this may be a good product for me, followed by a light moisturiser.

  3. I want to use this O3+ face wash as i heard a lot about it and after reading your post i came to know more deeply about it

  4. I never used O3+ face wash but this gives me feel that yes now I must try !!

  5. This seems like a very good Face wash. I have oily sensitive prone. This sounds like a must try for me.

  6. I love face washes containing tea tree. They feel very cooling on the skin and also prevent breakouts. Need to try this. Excellent review…

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