DIY Peel Off masks for blackheads you need to try today

DIY Peel off masks for blackheads you need to try

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Do you get that random mood of trying something new and effective DIY? Well that’s the kind of mood I am in, today. So I saw a peel off mask video on YouTube and then continued watching 16293237292 videos for an hour or two *I am sure we all do that. Right?* so after binge-watching DIY peel off masks for blackheads, I thought why not to create a post and compile the ones that were actually effective. Currently, I am having the egg peel off mask on my nose, and I quickly wanted to write it down before my mind changes.

So then let’s get started. All of the below DIY peel off masks for blackheads are easy, can be prepared in less than 5 minutes and removes blackheads, white heads and oil heads. And one more important thing which you should keep in mind is that you have to do it regularly to completely get rid of the blacheads.

DIY peel off masks for black heads, khadija beauty

The very first and the common step which you have to follow before trying any of the peel off masks is to take a washcloth or towel dipped in a warm water and place it over your nose. Not just nose but all the areas where you wanna use the mask. This step is very important as it opens up the pores so that the peel off mask can penetrate deep into the pores and you get the most out of it.

1. DIY Egg and lemon peel off mask for blackheads

This is the one I have it on my nose right now. Egg white is well known for its beauty and hair benefits.

DIY egg peel off mask, khadija beauty

You need

1 egg white

3-4 drops of lemon juice into it

How to make it?

Crack open the egg and then carefully separate the egg white from it. Add few drops of lemon juice and whisk it well.

Apply one layer of this mixture on your nose and the areas where you have blackheads.

Then place a tissue paper in the areas where you have applied the mask.

Apply another layer of the mask over the tissue paper and then again place tissue paper. You can do this step 2-3 times.

Let it dry. Once you feel that it is completely dry, peel it off. You will be able to see your blackheads, whitehead and oil heads in the tissue paper.

2. Activated charcoal and glue peel off mask

This is the most famous peel off mask which are available even on the market.

You will need

1 teaspoon activated charcoal

Non-toxic glue

How to make it?

Add some glue to the activated charcoal and mix it well. Add glue until a paste is formed.

Now apply a thick and even layer of this activated charcoal and glue mixture on the areas where you have got pores. You can apply this all over your face too.

Leave it on your face until it dries completely and then peel it off.

Activated charcoal will suck out all the dirt and the blackheads which you can probably see on the peel off mask.

3. DIY Gelatin and milk peel off mask

You will need

1 – 1 1/2 teaspoon of unflavoured gelatin

1 1/2- 2 teaspoon of hot milk

How to make it?

Gelatin usually comes in a crystalline powder form and this is the binder. So you have to add hot milk into the gelatin so that the gelatin melts.

Mix them well such that the mask has a runny consistency.

Apply the mask immediately on the areas where you have pores and blackheads. If the gelatin is kept at room temperature then it is going to be gelatinized.

Let it dry and then as usual peel it off. Rinse your face with cold water to shrink your pores.

4. Honey and lemon peel off mask

DIY peel off masks for black heads, khadija beauty

You will need

1 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey

2 drops of lemon juice

How to make it

Just mix both honey and lemon and apply it on your nose. Then place a thin layer of tissue over the mask. Then again apply the mask. Then again tissue, the again mask. Same like egg and lemon mask.

Let it dry completely and then peel it off. Wash with cold water.

5. Honey and wheat flour peel off mask

This is probably the most different peel off mask I have ever heard and that is why I am adding this to my list.

DIY peel off masks for black heads, khadija beauty

You will need

2-3 teaspoon of honey

2 teaspoon of wheat flour

Some water

How to make it?

First mix honey and wheat flour well. Honey is the binder here. So mix honey really well. And then add 1 teaspoon of water. Mix them all well. See if a paste is formed. If not then add some water and make it into a paste.

Apply this mixture on your nose and then place the tissue paper over the mask. Here you would need more tissue papers compared to the previous peel off masks.

Allow it to dry and take off the mask.

Finally, wash your face with cold water

Important things you should keep in mind prior using these peel off masks

Do a patch test. Check the ingredients and see if you are allergic or sensitive to any particular ingredient.

Never apply the peel off mask under your eyes and on your eyebrows.

If by mistake you have applied them on those areas, then don’t peel them off. Just pat those areas with warm water and gently remove them.

Do not forget to wash your face with cold water are trying DIY peel off masks for blackheads. Because cold water helps in shrinking down your pores thereby preventing any dirt entering into the pores.

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That is guys. I hope you liked it and this post helped you out. Which one are you going to try? comment below

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