Bath and Body Works Japanese cherry blossom gentle foaming hand soap


Hand soaps or hand washes, don’t we all have them in our homes? Be it different brands or different flavors of hand washes, we all have our unique preferences. There was a time when people had different choices and opinions about soaps or body shower Gels, but with the developing times and increased use of social media, we all are aware what a good hand wash can actually do. The supermarkets have lined up all handwashes in a clean and organized aisle which makes it more easy to choose. Anyways coming to this fabulous product which I received as a gift from my sister from the United States Of America, I simply love THE BATH AND BODY WORKS brand, it is my weakness, whenever I scroll their website, I usually find body products and skin care essentials made out of really finest and amazing ingredients.

bath and body works hand soap

Price: $6.5


The ingredients mentioned on the back of the bottle really made me fall in love with them. Soothing aloe and nourishing vitamin E leaves my hands feeling absolutely soft and smooth. This hand soap doesn’t strip off the moisture, dryness, and roughness completely disappears and hands are not parched.

What else could I ask for? I am a person who washes my hands with a hand wash fifteen to twenty times a day, I know sounds odd, and yes I do not have OCD. But I heavily rely on a good hand wash to clean my hands of dirt, dust, germs and other hidden bacteria which we pick up from many objects inside our house or while we are traveling outside or working in an office or just simply going to school/college.

bath and body works hand soap

bath and body works hand soap

This foaming hand wash comes in a transparent pump dispenser and has a bulky bottle. It is a see through bottle and hence the quantity of the foaming hand wash can be easily seen. The pump dispenser style makes the work really easy to clean hands and just one pump provides enough product to lather up beautifully and cleanse hands gently. Foaming hand washes are my absolute favorite. It’s just like magic, looks all liquidy in the bottle and one pump, voila you have a ready-made soft foam right in your hand. It says to work it into a rich lather for 20 seconds and then rinse well. I absolutely lust over the enticing charismatic cherry red color of this product. There could never be a better substitute for the color of this gentle foaming hand soap.

The fragrance drives me all crazy and I am complete nuts for it. Sometimes I just find lame excuses to wash my hands with it because I just cannot get over the fragrance, the fresh fruity smell which lightens up my mood and has a relaxing effect. The fragrance isn’t all fruity and sweet, it’s mixed.

With other beautiful things like the graceful blend of seductive blossoms, Asian Pear and sandalwood Bath and body works Japanese cherry blossom gentle foaming hand soap stands a class apart from the ordinary hand washes available in the market. I really never felt using a hand moisturizer or a hand cream after washing my hands with it. Other handwashes make skin rough and dry and when the case happens to be with a person like me who has to use a hand wash an umpteenth number of times in a day, I better stick to this.

The pros of bath and Body Works Japanese cherry blossom gentle foaming hand soap:

Not tested on animals

Has natural ingredients like soothing aloe and nourishing vitamin e

Doesn’t dry up my hands, no matter how many times I use it.
I didn’t feel the need to moisturize with a hand cream immediately after washing my hands

The fragrance has a lovely blend of Asian pear, blossoms, and sandalwood further combined with cherry blossoms to give you a unique magical hand wash

Good to incorporate into your hand spa routine

Helps in softening my cuticles

Pump dispenser style bottle

See-through transparent packaging

Foams and lathers up instantly and easily which feels soft as a cloud.

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Cons of Bath and Body Works Japanese cherry blossom gentle foaming hand soap:

It’s expensive

Availability in India can be an issue

Bulky packaging, not very travel-friendly

Has a long list of ingredients

My final verdict:

I’m looking forward to finish this bottle off as soon as I can so that I can Reorder via my sister or relatives. I might as well love trying new flavors and other varieties from bath and body works. The fragrance, consistency, texture has me got all hooked up to this lovely bottle.

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