The Best Ways to Apply Foundation for a Flawless Finish

The Best Ways to Apply Foundation for a Flawless Finish

With so many makeup tools available in the market, selecting one that suits your tastes and preferences the best can be a tad bit difficult. The problem intensifies further when it comes to foundation.

Not only are there different types of foundation formulae, but you also have to figure out the best tool for that undeniably flawless finish. Read on as we list out the best ways you can apply foundation along with a few tips to help you look like you’ve stepped right out of the magazine.

Applying Foundation Using a Foundation Brush

If you ask people what their favorite way of getting that perfect finish, there are high chances of them raving about their foundation brushes.

apply foundation

Buying a foundation brush to apply foundation guarantees you great coverage, precision, and product layering. There are so many types of foundation brushes available in the market with a variety of bristle types, sizes, shapes, and even colors that you are incredibly likely to find one that suits your tastes and needs.

1. Use a dime-sized amount of foundation.

The best part about foundation brushes is that the bristles are designed in a manner to spread the product. This way, you only need a dime-sized amount to cover your entire face.

2. Avoid lower quality brushes at all costs.

The secret to a flawless foundation application is using good quality brushes with soft bristles. Low-quality brushes can lead to a streaky finish which may even irritate the skin.

3. Opt for a foundation brush with synthetic bristles.

Natural or synthetic bristles have been a question of concern for many years. However, it is actually the latter which gives you a more precise application. Also, synthetic bristles don’t have cuticles, due to which the foundation won’t get accumulated in the brush.

4. Wash your foundation brush every week.

If you’re somebody who applies makeup on a daily basis, it’s important for you to have a weekly makeup brush cleaning routine. Dirty brushes can lead to acne and uneven application due to product, dead skin, and oil accumulation.

If you don’t use your makeup brush frequently, you can clean your brushes every two to three weeks.

Apply Foundation Using Beauty Blenders

Beauty blenders are super fun, colorful, and available in a variety of shapes, including teardrops, wedges, and squares. If you are a person who prefers a sheer and lightweight coverage, this would be the best bet for you. They are quite affordable and can help you reach every corner of your face ensuring a precise application.

1. Wet your beauty blender before applying foundation.

Using the beauty blender directly on your face will give you sufficient coverage, but, by dampening it, you get a fuller one. The wet texture of the sponge makes it transfer more product onto your skin while still making it look natural. You’ll also be able to blend the foundation easily into your skin.

2. Prep your skin using a moisturizer and primer.

When you use beauty blenders on dry skin, it may catch unexpectedly. Moisturizing your skin is extremely important when it comes to applying foundation using a beauty blender.

As well, with the help of a primer, you’ll get fuller coverage, as the foundation will stick to it.

3. Use lukewarm water to clean your beauty blenders.

Using lukewarm water will ensure faster and efficient cleaning. The foundation will leave the sponge faster without much hassle. Just avoid using boiling water, as you might just ruin your beauty blender instead. Also, please don’t microwave your beauty blender (Yes, there have been such cases).

4. Keep replacing your beauty blenders.

Beauty blenders are not really lasting and need to be replaced often. If you feel that your beauty blender isn’t performing the way it used to or is looking ragged, it’s an indication for you to replace it. Don’t worry, though; it still won’t burn a hole in your pocket due to its affordable price tag.

Applying Foundation with Your Fingers

You can either love this application method or detest it but, finger application can help you get the perfect finish. In using this method, you don’t need to spend any extra money on buying makeup tools as well.

1. Wash your fingers before applying foundation.

This is an absolute must. Your fingers must be clean before it makes any contact with your face. Dirty fingers may contain bacteria that can cause breakouts and infections.

2. Start slow and then spread.

You don’t need a lot of products when you apply foundation using fingers. Always start with a dime-sized amount and spread the product evenly on your face. You can always increase the product according to your needs later.

3. Use a gentle hand.

Always be gentle when you are blending in foundation with your fingers. Using a heavy hand will lead to a cakey finish due to too much product buildup. Use the tips of your fingers to reach the corners of your face.

4. Warm your fingers to blend in foundation.

You should also warm your fingers before you apply the foundation. The heat from your fingers will make the product blend seamlessly into your skin. Place the product at the back of your hand. Not only will this help you apply the product easily, but it’s also very hygienic.

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So, these were a few ways through which you can apply foundation for a perfect finish. Whether the method is using fingers, foundation brushes, or beauty blenders, you can choose a tool that you feel suits your habits and preferences the best. In fact, there are a few beauty enthusiasts who adopt a mixture of these for an overall flawless foundation application as well. Just remember to keep in mind the holy grail of foundation: blend and then blend some more!

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The Best Ways to Apply Foundation for a Flawless Finish

With so many makeup tools available in the market, selecting one that suits your tastes and preferences the best can be a tad bit difficult. The problem intensifies further when it comes to foundation.


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