Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask Review| 100% organic

Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask Review| 100% organic

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️

I have been asked to review products from this brand- Juicy chemistry for a really long time. And trust me I have always wanted to but for some unknown reasons, it has been delaying. Well, it’s always better late than never.  So here I am with one of the very unique products from Juicy chemistry.

The reason why I have said it as unique is almost all of us might have tried aloe vera gel but this is the first time I have ever used 100% organic Aloe extract powder.

Let’s get into the review quickly where I will let you know about this product in detail.

My experience with Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask


Availability: Juicycheistry website, Nykaa, Amazon


It comes is an Amber glass jar (brown to black in color) with a black plastic cap. The packaging is so luxe and is fully secured.

Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask review

How is the texture and smell?

As I said earlier it is a pure Aloe extract powder, so this face mask is in powder form. I don’t know how to explain its smell specifically but it is not strong or weird ** I tried sniffing it for you and now the powder is all over my face and dress. Lol🙈🙈**

Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask review

How to use?

You can mix it with rose water, normal water or any other hydrosol and use it as a face mask. They form small clumps when mixed with water and so it is kind of difficult to make a smooth paste out of it. You can massage the paste onto your face and leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off.

You can also add this powder in some other DIY face masks for added benefits.

How is this Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask?

Firstly when it comes to the authenticity or the source of the ingredients there’s no doubt that this brand uses the best of the best organic certified ingredients. This 100% aloe face mask as the name suggests contains just one ingredient – Aloe vera extract powder.

It instantly hydrates the face and gives a very soft and silky feel to the skin. People with dry, flaky and sensitive skin would totally love this mask. It works as a powder cleanser as well.

The main advantage of this mask is that it calms down the skin, hydrates, cleanses and gives a smooth feel. But it did not give any brightening effect on. I didn’t feel like have used a face mask.

So if you want a brightening effect and a facial feel then you can add this Aloe vera powder to any of your DIY brightening face masks. That way you will get a glow, hydration and your skin feel nourished too.

Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask review

Amazing things about Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask

Best for sensitive skin, sun-damaged, dehydrated, dry & flaky skin

Hydrates the skin

Makes the skin soft and supple.

Calms down the irritated/inflamed skin

The is 100% organic freeze-dried Aloe gel powder. No other additional ingredients included.

Cruelty-free, handmade, vegan, freshly made

No preservatives, no sulphates, no fragrance oil, No color

All of the products of juicy chemistry contains certified organic ingredients (ECOCERT)

Cons of Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask

No brightening effect or feel that we get after using a face mask

Final verdict

If you have dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin then you can try this face mask. If you have oily skin then I feel you can skip this. There are people like me who want the benefits of aloe vera but doesn’t like Aloe vera gel, if you’re one amongst them then you can totally go for this. It is calming and hydrating.

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**PR sample, honest review**

Juicy chemistry Aloe Vera Powder Mask Review| 100% organic

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️


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