Spawake Instant Glow Spa Sheet Mask Review| Worth a Try

Spawake Instant glow spa sheet mask Review

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For the past one year sheet masks have gained a lot of hype in India. And a majority of people loves it for various reasons. Sheet masks are the best way to hydrate your face and neck instantly as they are loaded with serums.

Today I am going to review Instant glow spa sheet mask from a brand called Spawake. This mask is from Japan origin which kind of interested me to try because we have been hearing only about Korean sheet masks off lately.


SEA MINERALS – Laminaria Japonica Extract & Sea Salt which revitalizes and
moisturises the skin
Vitamin C & Vitamin B3 – to prevent appearance of dark spots and skin
Algae Extract – to protect against the damaging effects of UV rays

How to use

  1. Put Sheet on face and press gently.
  2. Keep it on for 10 minutes.
  3. After removing, gently massage face.

Price: Rs.129

Opt for the spawake mask value pack (5 sheet masks) and use the code ”khadija” to get Free Spawake Pouch with product samples worth Rs. 200. Buy now!

Availability: Available on Spawake Site

My experience with Spawake Instant glow spa sheet mask

How’s the packaging?

So the packaging is basic. The sheet mask comes in an outer plastic pouch which is easy to tear and all of the information regarding the mask is mentioned on the packaging.

How’s the Spawake Instant glow spa sheet mask?

So the sheet mask inside the pouch is as usual soaked in serum. The serums are enriched with whitening actives, vitamin C and Vitamin B and algae extracts. The sheet of this sheet mask is not extremely thin but I would say a bit thick. The sheet stays on the face conveniently although it doesn’t fit my face perfectly (and this happens to me with all the sheet masks) The sheets are made from TENCEL that has 10 times more absorbing ability which in turn helps in delivering rich moisture to the skin. And yeah TENCEL is eco-friendly.

What are the After Effects of Spawake Instant glow spa sheet mask

So as directed I kept the sheet mask for 10 minutes and took it off. And my face was fully drenched in serum. The serum of this Spawake Instant glow spa sheet mask was not that sticky (keeping in mind that there was a lot of it on the face). It had a very different consistency which impressed me and I totally loved its mild and soothing fragrance. The serum was not watery neither thick. It was like a non-sticky extremely hydrating oil. And it did give my face a glow **shiny glow** I applied the rest of the serum on my hands and even my hands were glowing and the serum was absorbed into the skin without making my hands sticky or oily? I was awestruck.

I have an oily T-Zone and I was facing dryness around my mouth for more than 10 days. This sheet mask gave my skin a deep hydration and 97% of my dryness vanished right after the very first use. It made my skin feel very smooth and soft.

This sheet mask is perfect to use prior to any party especially if you are wearing makeup. The serum left after removing the mask is very similar to the non-sticky facial oils we use to prep our skin before applying a base for makeup.

This mask is for all skin types. If you have oily skin, then massage and leave the serum to sink into your skin for about 15 minutes then wash off if you want. That’s what I did. And it left my face baby soft and nourished. If you have a dry skin, then your skin would drink up all of the serum and would give you a highlighting glow to the face.

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How often can we use Spawake Instant glow spa sheet mask

This Sheet mask can be used every day, unlike clay/mud masks. I personally loved this mask as it made my dry skin disappear in just one use and I also loved their hydrating property.

Final Verdict

I would totally recommend this to people with all skin types especially for someone who’s dealing with dry, flaky and patchy skin. It hydrates the skin really well making it soft and supple. And not to forget the serum is non-sticky and adds glow not just when used on the face but where ever you apply it. If you are running out of time but need a healthy looking skin for a party or any special occasion, this sheet mask will come to rescue. You can also achieve a very healthy, hydrating and dewy makeup look if you use Spawake sheet mask prior to makeup.

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