Tony Moly I Am Real face mask sheet review| Get a firm skin

Tony moly I am Real face mask sheet review

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By now you must have known my love for sheet masks and Korean skincare routines. Today I am going to review “I am real” face mask sheet from the brand Tony Moly. I saw their face mask sheets on Instagram and wanted to try them for a really long time. Sheet masks are the best thing to reach out for when it comes to instant hydration, instant glow and basically everything that you want instantly? But the main thing is to choose the right face sheet mask according to your need and preferences and skin type and skin conditions etc etc. Now that I have given a small introduction let me dive into the review.

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tony moly sheet masks, I am real face mask sheet review, khadija beauty

My experience with Tony moly I am real face mask sheet

I was attracted to their face mask sheets solely because of their packaging. Their packagings are to die for. And if the packaging is cute then I can’t resist my attraction towards the products. Tony Moly has a wide range of sheet masks and the one I am reviewing is the pomegranate variant from the range called “I am real”. It comes in a beautiful pastel red color packaging and this face mask sheet is meant for making the skin firm and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

So just like other sheet masks I kept this in the freezer for five minutes before using it. The sheet was not very thin and was comparatively thicker to The Face Shop mask sheets. But then thankfully the eyes opening was bigger and mouth opening was kind of adjustable. So it was convenient to place it on the face. The sheet was drenched in the serum and the smell was so yummy. It had such a fruity fragrance which lingered around even after placing the sheet over the face? As usual, I removed the face mask sheet after 20 minutes and massaged in the remaining serum all over my face and neck. I usually like to wipe my hands too with the same sheet mask after taking off from the face. Because it still contains the serum and I wanna use every drop of the serum and get benefited from it.


Did this face mask sheet firm up the skin?

After massaging the serum into my face, I felt my face sticky and tacky. I thought the stickiness will go after some time but no, it didn’t go. And yeah it really made my skin firmer and gave a very soft feel to my face. So as it claims it did tighten the skin making it firmer. It also hydrated the skin really well. I did not wash my face even though the serum made my skin sticky and after almost 30 minutes my nose became oily. So now I have to wash my face off? After washing my face I could still feel the firmness and smooth texture which it gave to my face.

Amazing things about Tony moly I am real face mask sheet

Has a fruity fragrance

Super cute and attractive packaging

Makes the skin soft and firm

Best suited for normal to dry skin

Hydrates the skin very well

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The sheet is thick

Serum is sticky

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Overall verdict

I would say this is good in terms of providing hydration and elasticity to the skin. But the serum being sticky is a big turn off for me. If you are ok with it then you will like it. It is an okay-ish kind of mask. I have seen people going crazy over this mask and there are chances that the other variants from this range may be amazing. But this pomegranate variant didn’t blow my mind like the few face mask sheets did in the past.

That is it guys. Hope this post was helpful. Have you used this? Which sheet mask is your favourite?Do let me know in the comments below. If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram.

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  1. I have dry skin and I think this will suit me as its a good anti-aging mask. Nice review…

  2. Think and greasy sheet masks are really not the best for oily skin. Great review

  3. First of all, great clicks.. Love the cute packaging ❤❤❤❤❤

    Amazing review… Even I love sheet masks ?

  4. My love for mask sheets are increasing day by day.. And this super cute packaging is so tempting 🙂

  5. The packaging is super cute !! I am sure it smells amazing ❤ loved the detailed review.

  6. I like sheet masks with a fruity fragrance but this sounds like an average mask. So might skio this . Also availability is a major issue in India.

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