10 Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

10 Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth| For both men and Women

Hair is one of the most prized accessories by women. We all love to flaunt our hair. But unfortunately, time and again owing to lifestyle changes or change in your health and dietary habits hair might fall. This can be less or more depending on the condition. Experts say that loss of 25 hair strands a day is common but anything more than that is considered as worrisome.

So, instead of paying salon visits and trying various cosmetic treatments, let’s have a look at how you can deal with hair fall easily at home

Fenugreek for Hair fall & Regrowth

Fenugreek is my personal tried and tested hair fall solution. Just make a paste of fenugreek seeds by dry roasting and making a powder out of it. You can add the powder either with curd or simply with water and cover your scalp with this hair pack. This can be applied once every week. And very soon you will realize that within 1 month, your hair fall has substantially reduced.

Onion Juice for hair fall & regrowth

I Have not tried this, but I have heard raved reviews about this one. Take small onions and make a juice out of it and apply this juice all over your hair especially on your scalp.

This also can be applied once a week. Within 2-3 months of usage, you will see small tiny hair growing from your scalp. And the Sulphur content in this juice will control your hair fall also.

Aloe Vera for hair fall & regrowth

Aloe vera is a versatile product. And sometimes the hair fall is because your hair is excessively dry and breakage prone. Use aloe vera gel on your hair as well as scalp directly. And if possible use the natural aloe vera gel.

This will cool down your scalp, cleanse it and also add hydration, making your hair soft and shiny.

Eggs for hair fall & regrowth

Eggs are an excellent source of Sulphur, protein, and phosphorus. They are known to be the wonder product for your hair. An egg is a solution for your majority of hair woes.

You can make a mask out of eggs and aloe vera or maybe even egg or curd. Eggs are excellent hair growth stimulant and help in hair growth.

Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

Green Tea for hair fall & regrowth

Green tea is known as the disinfectant and purifier. So, hair fall can be also because of some scalp infection or dirt. And if you have sensitive scalp then green tea should be your pick.

Use the green tea water directly on your scalp. You can either massage your scalp with this water or you can also use it as a final rinse. You will notice that this will act as a clarifying rinse and stimulate hair growth and reduce hair fall completely.

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Amla Reetha for hair fall & regrowth

Amla Reetha is the age-old hair loss secrets.

When you make a pack with amla, reetha and sikhakai powder and apply it on your hair, then what you get at the end is a high protein powder which not only reduces your hair fall but also reduces hair greying. With this hair fall, your hair growth will be accelerated and your hair will be pitch dark black.

Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

Curry Leaves for hair fall & regrowth

Do you know what is the secret of South Indian women? They consume curry leaves in huge quantity and also apply curry leaves on hair as well. Curry leaves are rich in iron, phosphorus, vitamins and other nutrients which are extremely useful for your hair. You can make a hair pack out of curry leaves and coconut oil and see the magic on your hair.

Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

Chinese Hibiscus for hair fall & regrowth

Chinese Hibiscus is known to be highly beneficial for your hair. They have vitamin C, phosphorus and riboflavin which are a must-have for smooth and shiny hair. The flowers also remove the toxins on your hair and promote blood circulation so that healthier hair growth could be ensured.

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Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

Potato for hair fall &regrowth

Potatoes are rich in potassium and phosphorus. Both these vitamins ensure that your hair grows long and beautifully. Potatoes are also rich in iron which helps in reduction of hair fall. You can use potato with curd or directly use the potato juice on your scalp.

Lemon for hair fall & regrowth

Lemon is an excellent astringent which is known to reduce any scalp infections. They are known to tighten the pores and thus reduce hair fall. Lemon juice also contains alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate dead cells and eliminates dandruff from the scalp which is another major cause of hair fall.

Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

Additional tips –

  1. In case you are dealing with excessive hair fall, then lifestyle changes should also be made. Cut down immediately on alcohol and smoking. Sleep peacefully for at least 8-9 hours. Use satin pillow covers so that the friction is reduced and also reduce your stress. All these have a direct impact on the hair fall.
  2. Eat a protein rich diet. Add eggs, salmon, season fruits, cereals in your diet immediately. Also, keep consuming more and more water.
  3. Try to use chemical free shampoo and conditioners. This will reduce hair thinning in the long run.
  4. Regularly braid your hair. Open hair leads to hair fall.

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10 Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth

10 Home remedies for Hair fall and Regrowth| For both men and Women Hair is one of the most prized accessories by women. We all love to flaunt our hair. Bu

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  1. Home remedies are great solution if the hair fall issue is minor but for major baldness issue need hair transplant treatment which is providing the great results in low cost treatment in all over India.

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