Glam Treasure Box| Valentine’s Special Edition| Unboxing And Review

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I am very excited about this post. If you are following me on Instagram you might have already seen the unboxing on my Instagram story. Yes it is the Glam Treasure Box unboxing. This is a real treasure in a single box. I am very happy with all all the products I received? I had six products in a big box seeing which I was jumping in happiness.

The box is of cardboard with Glam Treasure written at the centre. The packaging is quite sturdy and all of the products were bubble wrapped and further they were placed inside a cute potli (Hindi word) kind of pouch. So you don’t have to worry about the packaging safety at all.

This is the first time I tried Glam Treasure Box and I loved it completely. So without any delay let me show you guys what all I received and will also give you a quick review on each of the product.

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

About Glam Treasure Box

Glam Treasure is a monthly subscription box that gives you a mix of fashion beauty and lifestyle products in a box. All youhave to do is choose a monthly plan and subscribe and the rest is taken care of by us. No need to select items, no need to pick up at a store, no hidden fees, and no hassle. You can expect your Glam Treasure subscription to give you new and exciting styles delivered right to your door at the beginning of each month.  

Price: Rs. 1499

Availability: You can order this on their official site. Click HERE 

Mint Green Dress- Rs. 1299

A dress in a subscription box is really a new thing. I have never seen any subscription box sending a dress. This is a short sleeveless mint green color dress. The quality of the fabric is really very good. But the thing is that I don’t wear short dresses☹️ I think I will pair it with a white denim or will with something else and try to use it, else will pass it on to someone. I loved the color and the material. They also ask you about your dress size when you place the order. But if you wear short dresses then you are going to love this. Pairing it with white sneakers will make you look stylish and pretty. And yeah all of the accessories which I received in this box goes well with this dress. I think they coordinated all of the accessories with this dress.

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

Makeup Brush set- Rs. 950

This makeup brush set came in a gorgeous golden color foldable bag. This literally made me happy and this is one of my favorites in this Glam treasure box. The brush quality is good and the bristles are soft too. This brush set has all the basic makeup brushes you will ever need. Every single brush is well protected in individual plastic cover and the blusher has a shape protector plastic cap as well. I am really impressed with this. The bag is portable and travel-friendly. You can toss in even your favorite brushes and carry it anywhere you want. Completely worth the money❤

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

Zip Key Chain Pouch- Rs. 400

Next I received an orange color small pouch with a black colored woolen tassel attached to it. That woolen tassel is not soft and fluffy but the bag quality is nice. It can be used to keep the coins and small things which most of the time gets lost when directly thrown into the handbag. It’s handy and can easily fit into any handbag. This is again a useful item according to me. I am going to give this to my mom because I keep the coins in my wallet.

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

Crystal Ear Cuff- Rs. 420

I am an accessory lover. And things like this excites me to the peak. I would rather prefer a plain dress and multiple accessories over a heavy, fancy dress. This ear cuff came in violet pouch and would probably go with every outfit. If not at least I am going use this with any outfit. I love them. The quality of this ear cuff is above average. Like when you wear it it looks beautiful but if you look through it closely the metal quality is not very high. And common on when compared to the price for which we are getting the box this is amazing. By the way who is going to come and look at your ears so very closely ?

Overall this ear cuff is stylish and would be a style statement. This is very comfortable to wear but my cartilage is very soft and thin, so it starts to pain after some time. This is not just with this ear cuff, it happens to me with whichever ear cuff I wear.

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

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Gold Leaf Hand Cuff- Rs. 480

Glam Treasure box gave me non-stop surprises with their wonderful products. The next accessory I got was this beautiful leafy hand cuff. This again came in a violet pouch. The hand cuff was fully bubble wrapped. I was glad that it was exactly of my size. I find it very difficult to get hand cuff of my size. This beautifully fitted in my small wrist? I am fully satisfied with this product and I think I am going to use it very often. This hand cuff again will suit well with both ethnic and western dress. But if you have a Broad wrist this may fit tightly and I personally don’t like something which is very tight on the wrist.

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

Glam treasure box review, khadija beauty

Fake eyelashes- Rs.225

The last thing I got in my glam treasure box was this fake eyelashes. It is very natural yet dramatic looking eyelashes and it came with an eyelash glue. But being a muslim wearing fake eyelashes is Haram. I came to about it very recently and yes I do believe in Halal and haram, so I am not going to use this. I would gift this to my friend( Tania, she is a YouTuber. Do check out her channel here 🙂 she does beautiful eye makeup tutorials)

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So these were the things I got in my glam treasure box. I had the best unboxing experience with this subscription box and I would highly recommend you to try this at least once. This is worth the money guys.

The total price amount on summing up all the items of this glam treasure box is Rs.3774 but got it for Rs. 1499. isn’t that great? So this was a profitable deal.

Hope this unboxing cum quick review helped you. And if you have any queries regarding this, feel free to ask in the comments section or through mail or DM me on Instagram? If you liked this then please follow and subscribe me. 

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  1. The cuff looks quite cool and I really like the gold brush foldable bag 🙂 Nice selection.

  2. This subscription box looks cool. PS i like that minty top perfect for summer 🙂

  3. wow.. never tried this box. Looks cool… I think its a good option for those who love to try accessories and lifestyle products.

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