Unique Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe| Store High-End Accessories

Unique Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe| Store High-End Accessories

Are you the type of person that can’t get enough of high-end accessories such as purses, bags, and shoes? Do you use these pieces to add personality, style, and sophistication to your outfits on a regular daily basis? If so, there’s no doubt you’ve built up quite the impressive and cherished collection by now that you also want to ensure stays in good condition when not in use.

So, what’s the best way to go about storing and organizing your high-end wardrobe accessories and pieces? Here are some tips you can use.

Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

Storing Designer Purses

For many people who collect high end pieces, purses tend to be the item you collect the most of. The size, color, and style of a purse can add so much to your look and truly transform an outfit to something that looks high fashion.

Take a Fendi bag as an example, such as the ones you’d find available through the popular high-end online retailer SSENSE. Fendi bags ooze fashion and personality, and SSENSE features options in just about every color and size imaginable. But if you’ve gone to the trouble to collect so many of these beautiful purses, you want to be sure they stay in pristine condition.

Each time you finish using with the bag/purse it should also be cleaned with a damp cloth for leather, and a dry cloth for suede. Remove any of the items inside the purse that could spill or cause a mess. You can then stuff the purse with bubble wrap to help it retain its shape.

As for storage, a bookshelf can act as the perfect storage vessel. You don’t want to hang them to store them, as this constantly puts strain on the straps. Instead, stand them up on a shelf in an upright position allowing the straps to gently fall. If the purse came with a dust bag, you can store it in the bag.

Storing Designer Shoes

Another item you may have an awful lot of in your wardrobe is designer shoes. These too require special storage or else they will start to look beat up very quickly. Simply tossing your shoes into your wardrobe or the dark corners of a closet just won’t cut it.

Just like with your purses, the first step should be to give them a quick clean before storing them. Many designer shoes also come in a dust bag to help keep them clean, so be sure you use the bag. The key with footwear is you want to maintain the shoe’s shape while stored. This means not stacking pairs on top of each other. Each shoe needs to be sitting flat without anything on top or pressing too firmly against it. If you have room to store them in their shoe boxes, then that’s even better.

Again, you can use a bookshelf for storage, as this allows for the perfect positioning.

While these storage tips may seem simple enough, the fact is that these small steps and tips will ensure that your cherished designer items stay in new condition for many years to come.

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