6 trending women’s dresses 2019| Stay stylish and fashionable

6 trending women’s wear 2019

Fashion trends have been changing throughout the ages. A New year brings new trends according to the change in people’s tastes and preferences. Fashion has been changing especially for women. In fact, now we have fashion designers and boutiques specializing in women’s wear and accessories.

However, fashion should not be confused with style. Fashion indicates the current trend of wearing a certain type of cloth or garment. Style, on the other hand, depicts how you carry that particular garment or how you create a fashion statement. Fashion tends to be social, whereas style is an individualistic concept.

In this, you will find the top six trending fashionable women’s wear in 2018. But of course, you’ll have to combine your style along with these dress suggestions to look fabulous!

Give the cold shoulder!

These are the newest trend in women’s wear! Not completely bare neck and shoulder or the typical off-shoulder. These are featured by the presence of sleeves but can be with or without collars and the shoulders are left bare. It is really good wear especially for summers in India when it becomes too hot. The sleeves are mostly loose. You may have cold-shoulder tops or dresses in various colors and designs.

cold shoulder dresses

Long and Breezy Maxi Dress

Another beautiful garment trending in 2018. They are characterized by a long dress reaching up to the heels but the part below the waistline is kept loose and flowing. Maxi dresses can be monochrome or printed. However, they look the best in floral prints. They are mostly sleeveless but if you want you may look for one with sleeves. They are really good for summer parties or gatherings as you will never feel suffocated in this kind of dress. Moreover, you may have easy movements and flexibility.

maxi dresses

Want ‘em ripped!

Ripped Jeans have been trending for a long time and are likely to stay around for quite some time. You may buy them ripped or just get down to work with a blade and an old pair of jeans (or a new one, if you are sure about it). Most of the people prefer the rips on their knees but you may add some more on your thighs and below your knees if you want.

Ripped jeans can be paired with anything informal like a cold shoulder top, off-shoulder blouses, plain tops, casual T-shirts for women, etc. But please don’t try to wear it with formal shirts or kurta as the combination may not look very good.

ripped jeans

Traditional with fashion

In case you have to be present in any traditional event and yet want to have your fashion trends in full form then you can opt for lehenga choli. This garment consists of a long skirt, a small blouse, and a long scarf or the choli. They are mostly decorated elaborately with designer stitches or print.

The blouses are often designer ones with intricate works done on them.

traditional dresses

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Shrugs are becoming popular every day. They are mostly made up of cotton and looks like a jacket but with no buttons or any way of fasting them. They are casually worn over tops and are left open at the front. You may have shrugs of one shade or pattern. You may also have netted shrugs if you want. Generally, it is advised to contrast the color of your top to that of your shrug. For example, if top you are wearing is bright yellow, you may pair it with a black shrug.

shrug dresses

Checkered dress

Knee-length dresses are also trending in the year 2018. The recent trends, however, include uniform checkered patterns on it. They are mostly of dual colors like white and red, or white and blue, or even with black. The dresses are mostly kept simple and sophisticated and they can be long sleeved, short sleeved, or even sleeveless. You may also have cold-shouldered dresses with dual checkered prints. You may pair this dress with snickers or casuals as it will give you a sporty edge and a handbag or neckpiece of contrasting color. You may tie your hair or keep it loose.

checkered dresses

You may choose to sport these trendy clothes in 2018 but always remember that you should only go for wearing those in which you’ll be comfortable in. There is absolutely no point wearing a particular dress that does not make you feel at home with yourself. Therefore, you should always pick and choose carefully any kind of clothing.

The other factor you should keep in mind is the quality. After all, no one wants to invest in a garment only to see it fading and tearing at the first wash it. See that the prints are waterproof and that the material does not itch when you sweat or something. After all, your comfort is the most important thing whenever you are selecting a dress.

If you want good quality dresses at a reasonable price, you can always go to Zipker.

So happy shopping! But don’t forget to combine your own style along with these fashionable garments.

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6 trending women’s dresses 2019| Stay stylish and fashionable

6 trending women’s wear 2019 Fashion trends have been changing throughout the ages. A New year brings new trends according to the change in people’s tastes

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