5 foolproof tips for oily skin| How to control oil on face

5 must-know tips for Oily Skin

You know what we are talking about.

The gross oily-skin feel during summers where it feels like somebody has set up an oil factory at the center of the face!

If you do have oily skin, you would know the struggle of keeping it in control.

Apparently, there is a lot that could go wrong when you try different tips. For one, you may experience more breakouts and increased oil production. Whatever you use may just backfire making your skin look worse and ending up with redness, rashes and permanent scars.

The stuff that is contained in commercial products may not work on your skin; thus the skin reacts and makes the condition worse.

Tips for oily skin

Moderately oily skin is actually healthy as it helps maintain skin’s natural moisture, protective covering and reduce the onset of wrinkles. However, too much of it causes clogged pores that attract more dirt and lead to blackheads or breakouts.

So that’s when you could take simple steps to regulate excess oil production.

1.Rub ice daily

The solution is all in your freezer. Wrap an ice cube in a cloth and rub in circular motions for no more than 3 – 5 minutes on your face before applying makeup or going out. This is the quickest way to tighten and de-puff your skin and increase blood circulation.

Don’t do it during winter months for self-explanatory reasons!

Regular icing can help reduce and prevent breakouts. You would feel refreshed and renewed after that. Ice helps minimize pores and ease inflammation.

2.Cleanse gently

Since oily skin attracts pollutants and dirt that clog pores and cause blackheads or breakouts, you want to use a good-quality cleanser that can penetrate deep into the skin to clear all that dirt and give you a radiant glow.

Make sure you select a cleanser that is not too harsh on the skin and does not have drying properties because the more you dry your skin out, the more oil your skin would be generating to sustain the moisture. Also, you can check the list of the best cleanser for acne-prone skin.

3.Moisturization is vital even for oily skin

You may have come across the misconception that oily skin doesn’t need moisturization since there is already a lot of moisture and it could increase the sheen. However, the idea of keeping your skin hydrated is important for every skin type.

When you go out your skin is exposed to thousands of germs, allergens, pollutants and harmful rays of the sun that are destructive to the natural protective layer of the skin. Furthermore, if you use makeup with mattifying effects, apply moisturizer prior to application to regulate dryness AND excess sebum production.

However, ensure that you select moisturizers that do not contain heavy ingredients. Select non-comedogenic creams as they let the skin breath and don’t clog pores. They also function to absorb excess moisture and retain skin’s natural moisture.

4.Go easy on the cosmetics that you use on your face

It’s best to apply less makeup to maintain the natural texture and radiance of the skin. Applying layer upon layer of makeup would clog your pores, prevent the skin from breathing and cause breakouts. Select foundations that are light-weight or mattifying.

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Also, don’t let even light makeup stay on your skin for too long. If you return home and don’t need makeup anymore, use a good-quality micellar water solution to remove makeup and let the skin breathe or renew for as long as possible.

If not, at least remove all makeup residue before going to sleep and let the skin renew through the night.

5.Mud Masks

Applying mud or clay masks once a week can help absorb excess oil, regulate oil production and give a gorgeous glow to the skin. Find out which mask works best for your skin. Mix it with cool rose water for maximum benefits.

When it comes to your face, it’s best to go easy on it and not overload it with too many products because different harsh chemicals are damaging to your skin in the long-term. The best thing you could do to your skin can be found right in your everyday household items. Ladies of past decades relied on ordinary household items to maintain beautiful skin when creams were not even there.

Your grandma is on spot about that.

So these were some of the tips to get rid of shiny face/oily face.

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5 foolproof tips for oily skin| How to control oil on face

5 must-know tips for Oily Skin


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