Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review| Get instant freshness

Jovees Rose Skin Toner


This toner cum astringent developed for normal to dry skin, enlivens skin with special botanical extracts that help increase skin’s ability to retain moisture and effectively cleanses pores deeply to remove the last trace of dirt, surface impurities and make-up. Leaves skin moisturized, refreshed and soft with a more even-toned look.

Method of Use: Clean face preferably with Jovees Strawberry Face Wash and Pat Dry. Spray sufficient quantity on cotton balls and dab on face and neck. Use twice daily.

Active Ingredients: Rose Petal Extract, Orange Peel extract, Peach extract, Lemon Grass and Chamomile.

jovees rose skin toner review, khadija beauty

Recommended For: Normal to Dry Skin

Price: Rs.170/- for 100 ml.

Availability:,, and also available in any cosmetics shop.

My Take on Jovees:

So, guys, I love trying out new brands, and they if the claim about being herbal, natural or organic, then it’s hard to resist the eclectic range of products which they sell. Well, I have known the brand Jovees for a very long time, and have tried a few of their products in the past. Recently I went to a beauty shop and purchased jovees rose skin toner and Jovees mini facial kit.

I love rose toners, not only they smell energizing but also have a calming and pleasing effect on your senses, it has an uplifting smell and brings refreshment to the mood.

Well, let’s get to know more about my experience of Jovees rose skin toner.

The Packaging:

The packaging of Jovees skin toner rose is a transparent plastic bottle with a spray cap and additional see-through cover to protect the top head of the spray.

jovees rose skin toner review, khadija beauty

jovees rose skin toner review, khadija beauty

The Fragrance:

The fragrance of Jovees skin toner rose is absolutely refreshing. Awaken your senses with the rich enticing aroma of sweet smelling roses. The fragrance isn’t very strong or bothersome for sensitive noses. I like my toners to smell extremely great and exuberant, not exaggerating at all but the rich fragrance of Jovees toner enlivens skin with special botanical extracts and also helps in cleaning my pores completely. The lovely fresh fragrance of Jovees toner lingers for a while on the face before getting completely disappeared. Talk about being sun-kissed, well here I am Rose-kissed and fresh as a flower blooming the entire day.

How does it feel on the skin:

It feels absolutely cold and light on the face without making it oily, greasy, sticky or aridly dry. The Jovees toner can be used as an astringent as well. After basically getting my eyebrows and upper lips threaded, I prefer applying an astringent immediately to cool down the burning sensations and redness and swelling in that particular area. I also apply astringent after a fresh waxing session at my parlor. And here now I am sorted with this toner cum astringent, easy to carry and a multi-use product.

Different ways of using Jovees rose skin toner

Step 1: Cleanse your face properly and dab a Cotton ball with Jovees rose skin toner, wipe away the excess dirt or remaining makeup/gunk from the face and moisturize as usual.

Step 2:  Spritz the toner on your face with the help of the spray applicator and let it completely air dry on its own. Can be used as a refreshing hydrating facial mist as well.

Step 3Use it as an astringent after your waxing sessions to reduce inflammation and irritation or after you get your eyebrows threaded at the salon. This aids in healing the area properly that has been subjected to pain and swelling.

Pros of Jovees Rose Skin Toner

Doesn’t dries out my skin after application.

Didn’t break me out even once, for a person like me who is sensitive and has skin prone to breakouts very soon I was quite amazed at its efficiency to provide me further relief from any sort of new skin problems.

Gives instant freshness and mild cooling sensation after application doesn’t sting at all.

Makes my face soft, supple and moisturized. No stretchy feeling persists at all.

It’s a toner cum astringent and can be used both ways.

Helps in reducing swelling, inflammation and redness after threading your eyebrows and upper lips.

Can also be used after waxing sessions, as it is an astringent as well.

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Lovely enticing soothing aroma of roses makes me love this jovees rose skin toner more

Fragrance isn’t very artificial or bothersome, lingers for a while and then fades away.

Comes in a lovely spray bottle type application bottle, which makes dispensing the toner very easy.

Neat and sleek packaging which is travel-friendly and leak proof. No chances of spillage.

Jovees Toner is packed beautifully in a transparent plastic bottle with a cap, you can see the contents easily.

I sometimes use it as a cleanser to remove light makeup for example: BB cream or compact powder from the face.

Cons of Jovees Skin Toner Rose

The color of the toner seems a bit too bright red. It’s indeed very artificial, they could have spared adding color dyes to the toner and kept it a natural light shade.

A full list of ingredients is completely missing from the packaging, which makes it easy for the brand to only highlight few key ingredients and hide other major preservatives and color dyes added to the toner.

This toner doesn’t provide any aid or relief for your acne or blemishes and scar marks. It only refreshes and cleanses as it claims.

My Final Take On Jovees Rose Skin Toner

I would surely recommend Jovees Rose Skin Toner to anyone who hasn’t tried it out yet. This toner helped me in giving a good refreshing and energetic feel to my face and with the budget-friendly price tag for the quantity provided was fairly justifiable. I can easily say it’s a close competitor to Lotus Rose petals skin toner ( as per my personal experience and skins coping mechanism). The fragrance and cooling sensation are all grabbing points for this toner as well as the sturdy packaging in spray type. It won’t benefit in eliminating your acne or marks/blemishes but can give you a good uplifting and soothing feel, and instant freshness with a hint of sparkly glow.

Review by guest reviewer                Editor: Khadija

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Jovees Rose Skin Toner Review| Get instant freshness

Jovees Rose Skin Toner


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