8 hairstyles you could do in the car| Quick and easy hairstyles

8 hairstyles you could do in the car

If there’s one thing every woman can agree on, it’s that there never seems to be enough time in the morning to get your hair done just right. You resist cutting your hair short because that just complicates matters, yet, you have no idea what to do with your long hair either. Half the time you give up and run out of the house with your hair everywhere, undone and wondering at what point in the day you’ll have to give in to the hair band wrapped around your wrist.

tight bun, easy hairstyles, khadija beauty

We have solutions for you. Whether you are heading out on a long road trip or you just don’t have time to do your hair before you leave the house, there’s nothing better than finding easy hairstyles. So easy, in fact, that you can even do them in the car. Check out these 8 easy hairstyles that you can do on the go.

1. Tight Bun

The key to this look is getting your bun nice and tight. There is good news, it is really easy to master, even in the car. You can give your hair a spritz of coconut oil (all over) and use a small brush or comb to brush it through. Tie your hair back in a tight ponytail and then twist the rest of your hand to its ends before tying it with another hair tie. Now coil your bun and wrap it around, secure it with a kirby grip. Those hair ties make the perfect anchor for the kirby grips you need.

tight bun, easy hairstyles, khadija beauty

2. Half Up

This has been a popular look for years and there’s a good reason for that – it’s easy and there’s basically no effort required. Just separate a section of your hair and give it a flip or twist before you clip it in place. If you happen to have particularly thick hair you may find you have to use kirby grips. Here’s something important to remember, if you often have to do your hair in the car you should have a go-to kit. So, keep kirby grips, hair ties, a brush, and oils, etc. handy in your car for when you need them most.

3. The Textured Ponytail

tight bun, easy hairstyles, khadija beauty
Before you can tie your hair back you will need to give it a good spray down with a texture spray. Then take a small section of your hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base of the tail before securing it with a kirby grip. Give it an extra spray and a scrunch for a textured messy look. Messy is the new polished.

4. The Braids

Braids are never going out of style, no matter how old you are. They might be so popular because even when they are messy and imperfect they are still perfect. For those ladies with long hair, going with a braided updo is a must. Section your hair in two and braid each side before wrapping it around your head like a headband. You can secure it with kirby grips before doing the same with the other side.

Braid your hair behind the ear and go down the full length of your hair.

5. The Twisty Bun

You will need to split your hair in two, creating a knot with one while wrapping the rest around it. Kirby grips your new look in place and you’re set for the day.

6. The Rolled Bun

This is so easy and so trendy that you are going to laugh once you have done it and get tons of compliments. Tie your ponytail low and then just above it make a little hole so you can tuck your ponytail in and flip it upside down. Now continue to wrap the ponytail until you run out of hair – you can secure it with kirby grips if necessary. So cute, so easy!

7. The Criss-cross Bun

tight bun, easy hairstyles, khadija beauty

For this you will need to start with two ponytails, both tied low. From there, it’s simple. Just criss-cross them and secure them with kirby grips. It is quick and simple and the best part is it’s such an unusual look people will assume you went to great lengths to pull it off.

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8. The Simply Ponytail

What better way to do your hair in the car than by tying it back in a simple ponytail. You can go high or you can go low either way – it’s the perfect simple look for any occasion, especially when you’re in a rush. If all else fails, just keep it simple.

So these were the 8 hairstyles that are so easy and quick that you can do them even in the car. You can find amazing deals at The Hut 50% Off Select Items & Free Delivery, why spend more when you can get exactly what you want for less? Make sure you’ve got your hair car kit ready for any eventuality!

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