Is the HCG diet safe?

Obesity is certainly not one of the things anyone would like to suffer from, or flaunt. When living in a judgmental world where body shaming and fat shaming are extremely rampant, a lot of people aim to try for the stereotypical body shapes and sizes, thus subjecting themselves to some dangerous diet regimes. One of the many scary diets practiced by people looking to reduce their flab is the HCG diet.

is hcg diet safe, khadija beauty

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Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet requires you to externally consume this hormone, along with surviving on just 500 calories per day! This hormone is present in pregnant women, in the placenta, and consuming this, reduces your appetite, thus allowing you to manage with just 500 calories per day. As easy as it sounds, there are a lot of side effects and challenges that one will have to go through when practicing the HCG diet.

One of the most commonly faced problems by those undergoing this diet includes severe mood swings as well as weakness.

Getting a hang of this HCG diet takes time, and is not something you can get used easily. Most important the strictness, with which you need to follow the diet chart, is also something a lot of people have problems coping up with largely. The HCG diet requires you to have very limited food items a day which mainly includes fruits, beverages and very little carbohydrates, so that your calorie intake is limited to 500 per day.

is hcg diet safe, khadija beauty

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The good thing about this diet is that the limited food items you are supposed to have can be had any time, and you do not really have to wait for the scheduled time to eat it. This diet can easily help you shed one pound each day by limiting your fat and calorie intake. However, it is not the ideal diet, and not something that will suit everyone or should be opted by all.
Then What???

is hcg diet safe, khadija beauty

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A more reliable and doable method is to consult a dietician from a renowned health clinic. A very good option is to consult a nutritionist from the VLCC health clinic for this. They will refer you a diet chart which has to be followed diligently, for best results. If you are passionate enough to lose weight, shedding all the extra flab is not really going to be a challenge. Unlike this killer diet, the VLCC health experts and dieticians offer you customized diet charts that are more friendly and suitable according to your body type and body needs. These are also more practical than the HCG diet, which kind of brings you on the verge of starvation.

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is hcg diet safe, khadija beauty

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I feel that if someone wants to lose weight then her diet plan should be close to her usual eating habits as much as possible; only then will she be able to follow it with ease. And VLCC understands this fact, therefore when you visit them they will get your blood tests done to understand your medical conditions like BP, thyroid, or PCOD, as these conditions largely support weight gain. One of the most common reasons these days for weight gain is PCOD.
The VLCC guys will give a diet chart and exercise schedule which will include the stuff that is advised to eat in PCOD like dry fruits and soy products.
So, girls if you are planning to go on HCG diet I highly recommend you to talk to a VLCC nutritionist.
You can also consult the VLCC expert online here

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