Get a perfect makeup base with cute PAC cosmetics macaron powder puff

PAC macaron sponge review, makeup sponge review, macaron powder puff, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!?

Trying out different makeup tools is something which I love and I am pretty sure all makeup geeks love it too. So a few months back PAC Cosmetics released their extremely cute macaron powder puff  and I couldn’t resist myself from adding it to my cart. Adorable things make me go weak? It says that it is a powder puff but I tried it to blend my foundation too. Do you wanna know how it worked? Keep reading ?

PAC macaron sponge review, makeup sponge review, macaron powder puff, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.285 (2 pcs)

Availability: Available on AMAZON and NYKAA

Product Description:

  • PAC macaron shaped powder puff sponge
  • This Unique Sponge Has Been Created To Set Your Makeup After Creating Your Master Piece! Use With Powder To Lock Your Makeup And Extend The Longevity Of Your Hard Work!
  • Easy Contouring, highlighting and concealing, even great with cream and powder eye shadow

My experience with PAC cosmetics Macaron powder puff

This macaron powder puff comes inside an airtight plastic cover. At the back of the cover, you can find all of the instructions regarding the macaron sponge. You will be getting two pieces, one of the sponges I gave to my sister *shaaaaaring*😛

Does this expand after soaking in water?

When I got the sponge I thought that this is a powder puff and like normal puff, we don’t have to wet it. But after reading the details at the back of the cover, I soaked the macaron powder puff in water and boom. The puff became very soft, fluffy and doubled in size? I was very impressed because this was sort of an unexpected thing. So yes the macaron powder puff expands in size just like the other beauty blenders.

PAC macaron sponge review, makeup sponge review, macaron powder puff, khadija beauty

How does it blend the foundation

Since the size was doubled I wanted to try blending my foundation with this damp sponge. And to my surprise it blended in the foundation well. This macaron powder puff blends the foundation in a very similar way to my PAC cosmetics beauty blender. I don’t like using brushes for my foundation and ever since I have started using PAC beauty blenders, I am completely into it. Blending my foundation without a beauty blender is my worst nightmare. So now you must have understood how much I like them for my foundation. And this macaron powder puff also blends the foundation just like beauty blenders. But it eats up a little more extra products when compared to the beauty blenders. This adorable macaron sponge gives a beautiful and seamlessly finish to the skin.

PAC macaron sponge review, makeup sponge review, macaron powder puff, khadija beauty

PAC macaron sponge review, makeup sponge review, macaron powder puff, khadija beauty
After blending
This can be considered as the best replacement of beauty blenders. The shape and the look is exactly like a macaron. And you know what, before washing the sponge for the first time it had a mild fragrance of lemon ?*I loved it* I used it as powder puff and worked well just like other puffs. The corners of the sponge can be used for contouring also. All in all, this is a good sponge and is worth trying. When my beauty blenders are dirty, I rely on this macaron powder puff for my foundation and compact.

Care Tips:

To reuse the cosmetic macaron powder puff, wash it with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Let it air dry.


Do take care of the makeup sponges, if not maintained properly you will observe fungal growth on it. And rotten sponge will lead to breakouts.

Amazing things about PAC cosmetics macaron powder puff



Worth the money

Blends the foundation easily

Doesn’t leave the face cakey and flakey

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Expands after soaking in water

Can be used for contouring also.


Eats up more foundation when compared to beauty blenders.

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Overall verdict

I really liked the sponge. If you are like me who love experimenting with makeup tools then you can give this a shot. I can assure you that will like it. And if you are a beauty blender person then you can keep this as a backup or replacement tool for beauty blenders.

That is it guys. Hope this post was helpful. Have you tried a macaron sponge? So which is your favorite makeup tool? Do let me know in the comments below. If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram.

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