Homemade Egg Mask for Hair Fall & Dry hair| DIY for soft and strong hair

DIY Egg Mask for Hair Fall & Dry hair| Get soft, damage-free hair

These days pollution and stress take a toll on our hair. And thus all the chemical products also make our hair look really limp and lifeless. So, what is the solution. The solution is to go for ORGANIC. Yes, you heard it right. As I have time and again mentioned that there are a number of recipes and ingredients in our kitchen which are quite good and can easily serve the purpose of giving your beautiful hair and skin. And thus rather than buying expensive products better to hunt inside your kitchen and use your existing products.

I was looking for a good quality hair cream or hair mask because my hair lately is in a bad shape and needed some pampering. But when I was going to order the same, that time I decided to why not try some homemade ingredients which I have been trying years back and my hair was in a really good shape. I thought of relying on the age old and one of the most versatile products of our kitchen – Eggs.

Eggs are a powerhouse of protein and when it comes to both skin and hair, then there is nothing better than eggs. Eggs have a beautiful property to strengthen our hair, add some shine and also take care of hair breakage. All my hair care woes answers are these eggs.

DIY Egg Mask for hair

But I am always confused about which part of eggs should I use and which one is more beneficial. So, here I did a bit of research and here are the results –

  1. Egg Whites

    This is the richest source of protein which contains various minerals. The magnesium, potassium and sodium present in this helps in hair growth. Oily hair people use just egg white because it helps in controlling the excess oil production in your hair.

  2. Egg Yellow

    This part of the egg has B complex vitamins and Folic acid. This part is actually referred as the hair food and it is said to be excellent for dry hair type. This part is also known to condition your hair beautifully.

  3. Both

    Both of the parts are protein rich and ideal for good hair. People with combination or normal hair type can use both of them quite easily.

DIY Egg Mask for hair growth, thickness, dry hair hair fall & other hair issues

I try this egg hair mask at home quite often. I am a fan of homemade hair masks and every weekend I keep on trying some or the other ingredient for my hair. Lately I have decided to be a bit more serious about the same and thus I am trying egg hair mask once every month.

DIY Egg Mask for hair

So, here is my simple and easy peasy DIY egg hair mask for all of you.

What do you need :

  • 1 egg yolk
  • Half cup of curd
  • Some drops of olive oil
  • Some drops of honey

Detailed process :

  • Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
  • Apply the product directly on your hair scalp and then gradually towards the hair ends
  • If you are worried about the smell, then you can wear gloves and then apply the mask on your hair
  • Let the mask sit for a good 30-40 minutes and then wash off with any regular and organic shampoo

Diy egg mask for hair


This homemade egg hair mask is truly versatile. It benefits your hair in multiple ways. Let’s look at some of the major benefits of this egg hair mask

  1. Adds Shine 
    Honey is known to add shine to your hair and thus honey beautifully adds that luster and shine. You will find your hair looking all shiny and healthy with this hair mask.
  2. Makes hair soft 
    This is something which I have personally tried and felt. Egg really makes your hair soft. And with olive oil you will feel that your hair is beautifully conditioned and thus looks gorgeous.
  3. Makes hair manageable 
    Your hair is much more manageable with this hair mask. Hair tends to behave in a better way and thus your hair looks gorgeous at the same time.
  4. Healthy hair
    After this hair mask, you will notice that your hair has become much more healthier than before.

Try this DIY egg mask for hair at home and let us know if you loved the results.

By: Pallavi

Editor: Khadija Beauty

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