6 Maybelline Baby Lips To Pick From| Best Lip Balm with SPF And Vitamin E

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No matter what season it is, lip balm is something which every one of us has and loves to you. Some may prefer tinted one, on the other hand, some like to use clear lip balm. But at the end of the day, everyone uses lip balms and it is a must have beauty essential in every girls’ vanity. Lip balm is not just a beauty essential but rather it can be considered as a must have skincare essential for both girls and boys. You can tell men and women too ?*all are same only*Lip balm is one of the things without which I can’t leave my home. Now when the word lip balm is used the very first thing that strikes in my mind is BABY LIPS. Who else thinks of baby lips when it comes to lip balms? Do let me know in the comments below.

Maybelline has launched baby lips in many different ranges and different colors also. I personally love tinted lip balms and so this post is going to be all about best-tinted baby lips. If you are also a fan of a colored lip balm then stay tuned. And if you are not a fan of tinted lip balms then you must stay tuned and see how good tinted lip balms are 😛 So that at the end of the post you may change your opinions on them. I would suggest you try these at least once, I am sure you will love it. So let’s t jump into the list? You can find the Swatches of all the shades at the end of this post.

maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Pink Shock

This baby lips is from electro pop range and is my all time favorite lip balm. It has a fushcia pinkish shade and is highly pigmented. I just loooveeee this. I have already re-purchased it. So the proof lies in here that how much I am loving it? There are times when I don’t feel like wearing lipstick *very rare* ? and at those times I rely on this lip balm. It is very similar to lipsticks, I mean the glossy lipsticks.

It moisturizes the lips very well and stays on the lips for a good time. It has a sweet watermelon smell and contains shea butter and Vitamin E. Now coming to its packaging they come in a black tube with a long transparent cap where the name is printed in fuschia pink color.


maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Lolita

Pink Lolita is another best shade in the entire baby lips line (according to me). This a cute soft pink shade and it will complement all the skin tones. All of the baby lips of this range has SPF 20 in them. This pink shade is very similar to barbie pink. It is also well pigmented and has a fruity smell to it. The actual shade of this lip balm completely matches with the packaging. It also a little amount of shimmer in it. This gives a beautiful fuller pink lips and also provides good moisture to the lips.

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maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss

This is the least pigmented lip balm in my baby lips collection. It comes in a regular baby lips packaging. Now coming to the shade, it has a very light hint of orangish pink in it. It is not pink or berrish red but they can’t be considered in a orange family too. It is the intermediate color between pink and orange. This lip balm is not highly pigmented. So if you want a slightly tinted lip balm then this is the one. Go for it. They look colorless on the lips. 


maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush

Berry crush is a beautiful rose color with mild pigment. It looks rose color but it almost turns colorless when swiped on lips. So this shade again is nearer to colorless with sheer rosy tint in it. Since Cherry kiss and berry crush baby lips are not well pigmented, they can be used under matte lipsticks. The packaging color of this lip balm shade is also exactly the same color of the product. This is good for wearing to schools. As it is not that pigmented, they are at the bottom of my favourite list*still favourite*?


maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

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Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Sherbet

Berry sherbet is a gorgeous shade with maroon tint in it. This shade brightens up the face the moment you apply it to your lips. Got my hands on this shade recently and I am still loving it. I have been using baby lips with shades that are from pink family. This is a completely different shade in my baby lips collection. Perfect for winters. You can build the color by swiping it twice or thrice. I am sure you will love this shade. It is again suitable for all skin tones but the colors will be more visible and will compliment fair skin tones.


maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Raspberry

This baby lips is from candy wow range and raspberry shade was selected by my sissy. She was expecting it to be highly pigmented but then it was not that pigmented and was disappointed. So I tried this and I liked it. And that is how I owned one lip balm for free?(though all of the lip balms we share) This shade is very close to pink lolita. Pink lolita is barbie pink in color with pink undertone whereas candy wow raspberry is pink shade with red undertone. You can see all of the swatches and choose one for yourself. The packaging of this range of baby lips is cute. It comes in a bigger stick form and the plastic quality is also better than the regular baby lips. And also it contains Vitamin E in it *yayyyy*


maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty, candy wow rasp berry

maybelline baby lips, khadija beauty

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That is it lovelies! So which shade did you like? Have you tried any of the above shades? If so do let me know which shade is that?

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  1. Great post, always love baby lips. Try tropical punch also u will definitely love it dear.

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  2. I have used their Pink Shock and really loved the color intensity! My graduation friends would ask me about what I have applied for that color :’D Thanks for the review dear :-* 🙂

  3. Great picks! 🙂 I am still in love with pink Lolita! I have tried berry crush. Wanna try pink shock.
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