ZoBag Review| Subscription bag with Full sized products| Rs.199 & Rs.499

ZoBag review| Rs.199 & Ra.499| New beauty subscription bag|full sized products

Hello my lovely people out there!!!?

I am going to introduce you guys to a newly launched beauty subscription bag called ZoBag. Subscription bags and boxes are really exciting and it is a way of surprising yourself every month. The best way to pamper yourself and at the same time, you will get to explore different products as well. This bag is launched by the site called Zotezo. Zotezo is way beyond an e-commerce site on health, beauty, wellness and integrates the fun of social media in your online shopping. Now let me quickly give you my review on ZoBag and show you what are all the products I received in them.

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About ZoBag

ZoBag is your monthly beauty bag stocked with products to make you look and feel good. It lets you explore new products and brands. Every month you get 5-6 curated skin and hair products at a very affordable monthly subscription fee. This month we bring you head-to-toe paraben free products from tried and tested brands that offer long term solution to your beauty woes. Go ahead, pick up this ZoBag, and get set with an effective beauty regime.

Where to buy?

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I am fully impressed with the packaging and especially the quote Be your Own Queen” has hit me at the right place. I was flattered with its packaging the moment I opened the box. All of the products came in a jute bag with the quote “Be your Own Queen” written on it. I loved how they have given importance even to the tiny mini detailing like there was a golden tassel attached to the zipper *How beautiful!*? Then this jute bag was safely wrapped with a laminating sheets with small pink hearts printed on it and was tied all together with a satin ribbon. I also got a plain white chart with a #BeYourOwnQueen at the bottom. We are supposed to fill it up with our favourite words or quote. This jute bag is of really very good quality and can be used in different ways.

So there are two types of Zobag available

Zobag– 5-6 full sized products

Price: Rs.499 + shipping charges

Zobag mini– 4 full sized products

Price- Rs.199 + shipping charges

I am going to review ZoBag which is for Rs.499

So let’s dig in and see what all I have got in the bag.

Aryanveda Argan Hair Serum

Price: Rs.600

So this is the first product I received in the ZoBag. This is non-sticky and has a runny consistency. I love Argan oil and I am very happy that I got this.

About the Product

With Arganic Hair Serum, care of hair would become a child’s play. It is enriched with natural ingredients to transform the beauty of your hair in matter of few days. Restoring shine & softness to hair.

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Key Benefits :

Paraben free
Repair damage hair follicles.
Detangles the hair.
Non sticky and Mild.
Prevents Hair Loss & occurrence of split ends
Suitable for All Hair Types

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MCaffeine Smooth Jazz Caffeine Body Butter

Being a procaffinator, what else I can ask for. Caffeine infused skincare products are something I love. I wanted to try MCaffeine skincare range for a long time and was super excited when I saw this in my ZoBag.

Zobag review, affordable subscription bag, affordable subscription box, khadija beauty, beauty subscription box

About the Product :

MCaffeine body butter is a perfect solution for your dry and flaky skin. Caffeine infused in the body butter tones your skin, Glycerine and Lanolin soothe it and make it supple. Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E give the skin a healthy glow. Simple, creamy notes in the fragrance help you relax. Use it anytime you want to pamper your skin or relax your senses. A paraben free formula that’s not tested on animals.

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Veda Essence Avocado Peppermint Tea Tree Vit-E Soap

Price: Rs.210

Handmade soaps are trending these days. I am personally not a big fan of handmade soaps because of their maintenance problem. They tend to melt soon. But I have tried a couple of them and I try them only if they look attractive ? This soap has a basic look but still attractive because of its color combination. I am yet to try them. If you want a detailed review do let me know in the case comments below. I would love to do that for you.

Zobag review, affordable subscription bag, affordable subscription box, khadija beauty, beauty subscription box

Ebook Promo

About the Product :

A purely natural way to cleanse your skin without stripping it off of its natural softness. Our intent at Veda Essence is to present the natural, skin benefitting solutions that pamper and care for your skin. Specialize in Cold process Natural Oil based ingredients, the soap address every different skin type.

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Banjaras Pure Herb Hibiscus Powder

Price: Rs.90

This is another product about which I was excited about. I love hibiscus for my hair. Even my shampoo has hibiscus. You must be knowing this because I have talked about it a lot on my blog and on my Instagram. I have literally made people buy that shampoo *genuinely love it*  If you don’t know then you can read about that HERE. So when I saw this hibiscus hair care powder in my ZoBag I was very happy and moreover, I have heard a positive review about this hair powder from my fellow blogger.

Zobag review, affordable subscription bag, affordable subscription box, khadija beauty, beauty subscription box

About the Product : Banjara’s Hibiscus Hair Care Powder has the goodness of Hibiscus powder.

Controls hair loss, dandruff and scalp irritation
Improves hair growth
Remedy for premature greying
Acts as a good conditioner and moisturizer for the hair
Making hair soft and shiny
Paraben free
Suitable for all hair types

Banjaras Multani Orange Face Wash

Price: Rs.50

This is another full sized product that was there in my Zobag and currently my sister is using it.

About the Product : Banjara’s Multani + Orange Face Wash is a soap free face wash in gel form with unique combination of Multani mitti and orange peel.

Zobag review, affordable subscription bag, affordable subscription box, khadija beauty, beauty subscription box

Key Benefits :

Soap free mild gel
Absorbs excess oil
Control accumulation of sebum
Prevents acne and pimples
Gently Exfoliates dead cells
Reduce tan
Paraben & Soap free
Suitable for all skin types

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OGX Niacin & Caffeine Shampoo & Conditioner :

This is the last and the sample sized product that I received. Again I have heard good reviews about this shampoo and conditioner too. I will try them soon.

Zobag review, affordable subscription bag, affordable subscription box, khadija beauty, beauty subscription box

About the Product :

Stimulate your scalp with OGX Anti-Hair Fallout Niacin3 + Caffeine Shampoo, a powerful blend of niacin3 + caffeine, AlphaHydroxy Acid & natural DHT blocker, to encourage a healthy scalp environment and help prevent hair fallout caused by breakage. Combat hair fall out with this balancing blend to help give your strands the strength they need to stand their ground against daily damage and breakage.

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Final Verdict

The price of this ZoBag is Rs.499 but I have received the products worth Rs.1499. So it a fair deal plus I loved the jute bag. I am satisfied with all of the products which I received. But the face wash did not click me. I specifically do not have any reason why but that’s the only product which didn’t excite like the other ones. My sister is liking it though. I would highly recommend you guys to try this as it is completely worth the money. This is not expensive but still if you want to try subscription bag but at much lower cost. Then you can try the ZoBag mini which is just for Rs.199

That is guys. I hope you liked it. If you guys want a separate review on any of the above products that I have received in my ZoBag do let me know. I will do it❤️ 

If you have any queries feel free to ask in the comments section below or mail me or DM me on Instagram.

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  1. Excellent product. After 2 days using it started working on stretch marks really. At first it started smoothing my skin and then slowly faded my stretch marks. Body butter smells like heaven 🙂 it stay’s longer fragrance. and moisturizing is for longer time.

  2. Loved the views on this. Quite funny the price difference is so much just by adding a single product in bag. What u felt with facewash happens with me too.

    • Yeah maybe the cost of the products in Zobag mini is less when compared to the individual products of the ZoBag

  3. Loved this bag. Loved everything except the Banjaras products.

  4. Wow.. so many beauty subscription boxes nowadays. Its a great time to be alive 😀 The hair serum looks interesting. Would like detailed review on it…

  5. All the products are good in ZoBag, but the special mention should be about Banjara’s face wash and hair mask.

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