VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach review| 3 easy steps to bleach

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Bleach is used commonly to reduce the pigmentation, facial hairs and to remove dirt and tan from the skin. Earlier people used to go to parlors to get it done but now you can get the glow with an ease at home without going anywhere. Today I am going to review Insta Glow Diamond bleach from VLCC. My mother has pigmentations on her face and I thought it would be great to make her use this. Because most of the times she is in the kitchen and I felt her skin needed something like VLCC Insta Glow diamond bleach. The most commonly heard complaint about the bleaches is that they have a burning sensation. Does this bleach too give the same sensation? If you want to know then stay tuned and keep reading ?

vlcc diamond bleach review, KHADIJA BEAUTY

Price: Rs.110

Shelf-life: 1.5 years

Review on VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach

Packaging- It comes in a blue coloured cardboard box, where it is mentioned that the VLCC Insta glow Diamond bleach contains diamond Bhasma ? and claims to give a sparkling fairness. Inside the box there is a pre bleach cream, bleach cream, activator and post bleach cream. You will find an instruction manual where all of the processes is explained very clearly.

Step wise procedure and the after effects

First I made my mother wash her face with a face wash then closed all the pores by rinsing her face with cold water.

Pre bleach cream

The box contains two sachets of pre bleach cream (each 3g). After pat drying the face, she took a generous amount of pre bleach cream which was like a moisturiser *or a moisturiser, don’t know* and massaged into her skin until the cream was absorbed. This hydrated the skin really well.

vlcc diamond bleach review, KHADIJA BEAUTY

Bleach cream and Powder Activator Mixture

How to make:

This the most important step and you have to be careful when mixing the bleach cream and the activator together. The bleach cream comes in a plastic tub-like container (40g) and activator comes in two small cute containers(each 2g). It is mentioned that the bleach mixture should be in 10:1 ratio. That is, to 10g of bleach cream we should add 1g of activator. I added it in an approximate manner. Many tend to add activator more than the required quantity. This is where they go wrong and this is why they get burning sensation and may sometimes even burn the skin. So be careful and make the mixture correctly. DO A PATCH TEST before trying on the face.

vlcc diamond bleach review, KHADIJA BEAUTY

vlcc diamond bleach review, KHADIJA BEAUTY

vlcc diamond bleach review, KHADIJA BEAUTY

Did it work?

It gave a little tingling sensation for the first 2-3 minutes, which is meant to happen. It means that the product is working. And after 2-3 minutes the tingling feeling subsided. After 10 minutes she washed off the cream with normal water followed by cold water. I can see all of the dirt and excess oil were completely removed. This VLCC Insta Glow Diamond bleach didn’t give any burning sensation. It cleansed her face thoroughly without making it dry. We can see a noticeable change after washing off the bleach. And yeah the most impressive thing was that it didn’t cause any burns and redness.

Post bleach cream

It again comes in two sachets(each 3g) this post bleach cream is like a face mask which is supposed to be applied after washing off the bleach cream. My mother loved this step most. It’s like a cream which dries off quickly. I could notice sparkling particles in the mask. After five minutes when washed off, it gave a very smooth and silky feel to the skin. A hint of sparkles were noticeable even after washing *which is amazing*. The post bleach cream gave a very cooling effect and a refreshing feel to the face. This basically calmed down the skin and gave a cleansed look.

vlcc diamond bleach review, KHADIJA BEAUTY

Amazing things about VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach

No irritation and burning sensation

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Can be used even by people with sensitive skin

Post bleach cream gives cooling sensation and energized feel to the skin

Removes all of the dirt and makes the skin look cleaner and brighter in just three easy steps

VLCC expertise of more than 25 years in beauty and wellness domain.

Claims to contain Diamond Bhasma


Sachets are difficult to store.

Overall verdict

VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach didn’t give any burning sensation or redness. Their quick and easy kit makes the whole bleaching experience a lot easier. It removes all of the dirt effortlessly making the skin look cleaner, clearer and brighter. The post bleach cream makes the skin smooth and gives a cooling sensation. It calms down the skin thereby giving a refreshed feel. 

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  1. Never tried bleaching because I have heard many horror stories! But after reading your review sounds good for sensitive skin!

  2. Nice and detailed review. I don’t use bleaches as I used once long time back and it turned my facial hair golden which didn’t suit my skin tone and it looked so odd…

    • Ohh well that’s sad. Not everyone has the same skin. My mother’s matured skin didn’t face any such issues. I hope you added the activator in an appropriate quantity.

  3. I found their bleaches to be quite strong! Not quite suitable for sensitive skin

    • Tried this on my mom and it did a pretty good job. No burn and no redness at all. Maybe You would have added activator more or it didn’t suit you. But This particular bleach is perfect for sensitive skin.

  4. A bleach that doesn’t irritate and is cheap!! What else do I need!! Surely gonna give it a try… Thanks for sharing the review….

  5. Have to go for this because I use bleach every 3 months. Once oxy used to come with pre-bleach but now with only post-bleach. Glad to see it has both the steps 🙂

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