Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

So, isn’t it obvious that every time we want comfortable clothes we choose the kurta? Despite the season, kurtas are the go-to clothes for all the comfort during that particular weather. The tradition to blend well and look good in a kurta is always pairing it with matching salwar or leggings. For festivals, however, choose one of the over a million styling options to get an interesting yet superb look.

Ditch the monotony of the kurta pairing options with churidar as well, and explore the new twists to give your kurta that stunning result. Experiment by adding new festive styles to your kurta collection and upgrade your closet. Here are interesting tips on how to style the kurta for the festive season.

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

Choose the bare look 

As the festivals approach, shopping for festival ethnic wear online and on offline stores is one way to get some new garb. Optionally, you can try styling up that long kurta you have and wear it bare by taking advantage of its length. Wearing a kurta as a dress is a great option not only for the festival but for days when you cannot figure out what to wear.

This tip of not pairing it with anything other than cycling short, of course. It is a way to show off your kurta and the beautiful hemline that it has and make a statement piece out of it.

This midi-length dress is perfect for the summer season. Accessorize it right and if it is embellished, you can rock on it to a wedding party too.

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

Approve the skirt 

This winning combination of a kurta with a skirt is ideal for festivals and when you want a classic and out of the ordinary look. Choose long, printed and flared skirts to pair your kurta that have a perfect flow of the outfit. This look is comfortable and it has various ways to style it for different looks.

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

A long kurta with slits paired with a long skirt that is in a contrasting color is perfect for a festival look and family gatherings too. Optionally, a matching print kurta and skirt gives a flawless look that when well-accessorized gives you an elegant finish.

Explore a wrap skirt too in pastel hues with a print kurta for casual everyday wear.

Try jeans 

Whether it is plain jeans or ripped jeans they don’t seem to go out of style. The beauty of jeans is that how your style it matters a lot on where you can wear it. When adorning to a festival, everyone aims to look classy with a touch of Indian if not adorning to complete ethnic wear.

A kurta with a pair of ripped or plain jeans is a sophisticated bold combination to dress to. As you run your errands doing final preparations for the festival. You can dress a pair of jeans and a stole to accessorize your kurta.

Besides, this kurta jeans blends there are many ways to jazz up your look and get a splendid festival look.

Consider layering 

Since the kurta is available in different shades, styles, and materials. Use this new classic tip and try layering it in a new way other than the old fashioned nude sweater over the kurta. So that the layering works well you have to do it the right way to have a beautiful outfit.

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

One way to layer it is by choosing to pair a kurta with a gilet. A long flared print kurta with or without matching pants and a gilet, in contrast, is apretty look. On the other hand, a jacket is a win too just as the top to toe coordinated ensemble. Irrespective of whether the kurta is long or short the tip here is to choose a contrasting jacket.

Some of the jackets to choose from are, cropped jacket, sleeveless jacket, mirror work jacket and cloak-like jacket among other designs.

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Explore with dhoti pants 

Dhoti pants bring out the beauty in any ensemble that they are paired with. The beautiful pleats that these pants have are loved with many women from the eighties till now. Choosing to jazz up your look with a dhoti kurta blend is never disappointing. They are unisex, comfortable, and a style statement that you will love at first sight. Although you can pair many looks with dhoti pants.

Why not start with kurtas? Choose one of your routine kurtas in your collection and pair with dhoti pants and with the right accessories you get a festive classic look.

Try Palazzo pants

Leggings and salwar’s are always the norm to pair kurtas. Hence, trying out the palazzo pants to match your kurta will break this routine. Palazzos are comfortable and a genius fashion invention that upgrades your look and any outfit you pair it with.

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

Not only do working-class women love the palazzo and kurta ensemble but it is ideal as a festival go-to-look. Palazzos are comfortable, easy to carry and classy and with a kurta on top, it is the most stylish look ever. Plus, the level of comfort, the two pieces give you will keep you working eight hours straight and loving it.

Now that you know that these pair bring out a perfect ethnic combination. Style with as many kurtas in your wardrobe from the prints to the embroidered pieces.

Cigarette pants 

Since kurtas are a trend that will last for long if not forever. End the dilemma on what to pair them with by giving cigarette pants a try for a new style. They are the perfect pair if you are exploring the indo-western look for the festival attire. Although they look formal, they are elegant than the traditional salwar’s due to the stylish fitting they bring out. Style them with short kurtas and see how stunning you look in an instant.

Choose comfortable cigarette fabrics and kurtas and add minimal jewelry to accessorize and you have an effortless ensemble to flaunt during the festival.

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Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season

Tips On How to Style the Kurti for The Festive Season So, isn’t it obvious that every time we want comfortable clothes we choose the kurta? Despite the sea


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