5 Tips To Take Good Photos for Instagram That Go Viral!

5 Tips To Take Good Photos for Instagram That Go Viral!

It so happens that you know you are going to be photographed a lot at a wedding or any other event and you dress up quite well but you end up getting ugly photographs.

By the end of this article, you will have got yourself some amazing tips that will get your posts viral on Instagram.

The key is to find what aspects are not good at and work on that aspect.

The 5 major aspects of a good photograph are:

  1. Subject
  2. Pose
  3. Lighting
  4. Camera
  5. Editing

 1. Your Dress Should Make You Feel Confident.

When it comes to dressing, there might be a bazillion tips out there, but one tip which covers them all is to feel confident in whatever you wear.

Suppose you are going to attend a wedding and are wearing a dress which doesn’t suit you, you will automatically feel less confident when you look in the mirror and vice versa if you wear a dress which suits you.

Some hand tips while dressing are,

  1. Wear dark clothes to look thinner.
  2. Wear bright clothes to look healthier.
  3. Compare from previous photos which color looks better on you and wear those colors.
  4. Tailored clothes will always look stunning.

2. Pose The Right Side.

 Even though our body looks symmetrical, it is not. Compare all the photos which you have of your two sides and know for yourself which one looks good.

Angling your body away from the camera to flaunt one of your sides will give a slimming effect and make you look thinner, and the vice versa will make you look healthier.

While smiling, put your tongue on your upper teeth, this will ensure a natural smile and not a fake one or think of a funny incident or your comfort food; it will bring a natural smile to your face immediately.

Some handy tips for posing,

  1. Tilt your head.
  2. Pull your shoulder backward and stand straight.
  3. Play around with different angles; the best is facing 45 degrees left or right from camera depending on which side looks better in your case.

3. Respect The Light Source.

Stand opposite the light source of the room so that it falls on you.

Lighting is the most important when it comes to sound pictures, and for a natural photo, it is good to stand opposite a window or door.

Some handy tips,

  1. One hour after sunset and one hour before sunset provide subtle lighting for photos.
  2. Avoid bright lighting as it seeks wrinkles and shadows.
  3. Try taking photos by using a lamp or colored lighting.

 Camera Tips.

 Your camera can snap a photo that gets 200 or 2000 likes; it depends on how to use it.

If you regularly take pictures, invest in a smartphone with an excellent camera to enjoy beautiful photos on the go.

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You can also buy an additional lens to attach on the phone to improve the clarity of the images.

Some handy tips

  1. Ask the photographer to take photos in both Landscape and Portrait mode.
  2. Always set the focus to face before clicking on the snap button.
  3. Use the rule of thirds for professional-looking photos.
  4. Take a lot of photos and delete the ones you dislike later.

5. Edit It To Flaunt It!

Editing is 50% responsible for a good picture.

If you are not adding filters or adjusting the exposure, you are losing out on a lot of likes and comments on your photos.

Some of the good apps to edit on the go are Snapseed, Pixlr, Youcam Perfect, and Adobe Lightroom.

Some handy tips:

  1. Apply filters, some of the good IG filters are The Red Sun, and my all-time favorite B&W.
  2. Save the ones you like separately.
  3. Blur the things which are not a part of the subject.

Well, now that you have a perfect photo, it is time to preserve them forever, or else they will get lost somewhere in your gallery galaxy in no time.

You can frame them and be monotonous or get a handmade oil painting from photo.

Handmade oil paintings are an art form and will add a classy feel to your living spaces.

Just imagine the reactions of people once they look at the handmade painting of a beautiful picture of anything in your living room!

It is effortless to assign one, just go to this website and,

  1. Upload the photo
  2. Select size.
  3. Suggest changes (If Any).
  4. Open the happiness package at the ease of your couch when it is delivered at your doorstep.

That is how you end the story of a good photograph with a painting!

I hope you liked the tips and they will help you get some viral IG posts.





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5 Tips To Take Good Photos for Instagram That Go Viral!

It so happens that you know you are going to be photographed a lot at a wedding or any other event and you dress up quite well but you end up getting ugly photographs.


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