Neutriderm Brightening body lotion review| For pigmented and dull skin

Neutriderm Brightening body lotion review

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I have already reviewed Neutriderm Vitamin e moisturizing lotion on my blog and after using that I was attracted towards this brand for their product quality. So I was excited to try their Brightening lotion as their claims were super impressive. It can be used on face and on any parts of our body

And before I proceed to review, I just wanted to put this out straight that don’t expect any product to make you fair. It’s all in the genes and by brightening, it means helping you improve your existing skin tone by removing the dead cell and getting rid of dull skin. If you are brown, no product can make your skin tone 4-5 shades lighter and make you look fair. Just imagine if that was the case then what would happen if people with fair skin use such products? So what I am trying to say is if any genuine product says “it gives you a brighter skin” it means that they will enhance your existing skin tone by removing dullness.

Soooo after breaking your bubble and clearing out the common misconceptions let me get into the review quickly and see what did it do on my skin


Neutriderm brightening body lotion ingredients

Product description

Developed after consulting with dermatologists, Neutriderm Brightening range offers a specialty designed formula to address skin tone issues and is suitable for individuals that have very sensitive skin that cannot tolerate stronger dosed products.

  • Non-prescription & Hydroquinone free
  • Safe on all skin types
  • Optimal results
  • Reduces appearance of age spots, freckles, photoaging, natural aging, dark spots
  • Improves skin consistency, skin elasticity and skin luminosity
  • Immediate refreshing and lifting effect
  • Improves skin hydration

My experience with Neutriderm Brightening body lotion

Price: Rs.2500

Availability: It’s out of stock on Amazon right now. So please contact them on Instagram or Facebook

How’s the packaging

This lotion comes in a white plastic bottle with a push open cap. The packaging is fully secured and travel-friendly. There’s no means of leakage or what so ever

Neutriderm brightening body lotion

Neutriderm brightening body lotion

How’s the color, smell, and consistency of Neutriderm Brightening body lotion

This lotion is white in color. It is like a thick cream and the smell is mild and very familiar. I have an oily skin and even though the cream is semi-thick it doesn’t make my face sticky. It gets absorbed easily as I massage into the skin.

Since the consistency is thick, it doesn’t come out very easily from the bottle.

Neutriderm brightening body lotion

Neutriderm brightening body lotion

How is this Neutriderm brightening body lotion

I have been using only at night after cleansing my face. It’s recommended to use twice a day for best results. It hydrates my skin really well without giving a heavy feel to the skin. And this will suit all skin types. It didn’t cause any breakouts and worked as a moisturizer with amazing skin beneficial ingredients in my case.

I didn’t find any brightening effects as the lotion is mainly targeted for people with pigmentations and who cannot tolerate stronger dosed products. It contains retinol, glycerin, niacinamide, Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil and many other skin loving ingredients. Some people are sensitive to these ingredients so this product is formulated in such a way that it can work for sensitive skin too. However, I would still recommend you to do a patch test before trying.

Glycerin helps in deeply hydrating and adding glow to the skin.

Retinol is widely known for unclogging the pores, preventing breakouts, helps in reducing acne scars and pigmentations, generates new skin cells.

Niacinamide  helps in reducing the enlarged pores, helps in treating uneven skin tone, improves dullness and fine lines

Tocopherol which is also present in this lotion is nothing but Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

Macadamia Ternifolia seed oil is used for providing hydration to the skin and along with that it also helps in healing the skin.

This Neutriderm brightening lotion makes my skin baby soft and I didn’t face any breakouts while using it. I think these ingredients prevented them. And if you are using it during the day I would suggest you to wear sunscreen. If you have an oily skin after 2-3 hours, the skin becomes oily again, however, this would act as a really good moisturizer for dry skin.

It claims mainly reduce pigmentation and brighten up such skin but as I don’t have any such issues I can’t comment on that. But it did hydrate my skin.

If you have a sensitive skin and you are trying different products for your pigmentations then try this and see because their ingredients are promising plus they are of premium quality pharma grade. But if you don’t have any such issues and have a skin similar to mine then you can skip this. Because for me it only provided hydration and worked as a deeply nourishing and healing night cream.

Amazing things about Neutriderm Brightening body lotion

Deeply hydrates the skin


Suitable for all skin type

Contains Skin loving and skin healing ingredients

Didn’t cause any breakouts

All of the ingredients are of premium quality and pharma grade

Cons Neutriderm Brightening body lotion

Didn’t see any brightening effect

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