How to match jewelry with your outfit| Tips for all occasions

Jewelry styling ideas for every occasion| How to compliment your look

Do you find it challenging to coordinate jewelry with your dress on each occasion? If you are facing a similar situation, there is nothing to worry because you are not alone.

Women around the world often face this difficulty. Picking out the flawless jewelry to complement your outfit can be a frustrating job. You may find it cool to have many choices, but the situation can be dreadful sometimes.

It is a fact that women spend almost 90 minutes a week in the selection of their outfit and jewelry. No doubt, your entire look is incomplete without complementing accessories. There is nothing to worry, as there are some simple ideas to wear jewelry on each event and look fab.

Consider Occasions to Buy Jewellery

Before buying jewelry, you can consider the event, such as a party, wedding, or Christmas dinner. You must have simple accessories for your office. Dangling jewelry on the wrist may not work well while typing on a keyboard. For your workplace, you can skip hanging bracelets and bangles.

Moreover, you can’t wear the same jewelry in church or at a club party. Make sure to consider the place before selecting jewelry. Feel free to try handmade jewelry in Melbourne that goes well with formal and casual attire.

Simple Jewelry for Busy Patterns

If you are planning to wear a busy print, you can’t wear ornate and loud jewelry. Wild jewelry and busy prints look flashy together. Consider solid earrings, watches and bracelets instead of picking dramatic accessories.

You have to consider the material of an outfit before choosing your jewelry. If you have a ruffled or heavily stitched fabric, ornate accessories will look tacky on this dress.

Statement Earrings Can Highlight Your Face

A beautiful pair of statement studs or hoops can grab eyeballs toward your face. Along with a perfect dress, choose statement earrings to increase focus on your eyes. Try to buy glittery and flashy pieces for a wedding party.

Consider the shape of your face while purchasing earrings. You will need a pair to show off your facial features.

How to match jewelry with your outfit|

Consider Your Skin Tone

While selecting jewelry, ladies often make a mistake by considering only their dresses. You have to think about your skin tone to buy complementing jewelry. Silver can illumine natural tones. Gold looks great with matte skin and dark hair.

For cooler tones, you can choose gems, such as blue, purple and red.

Moreover, white gold can be a good choice for these skin tones. If your skin tone is warm, you can pair it nicely with green, orange and yellow gemstones.

Fusion of Cool Colors and Warm Jewellery

Canary diamonds, amber gems, and rubies are famous for making a statement. These colors can give you an ambitious and fiery look. You can try them over white and black. Moreover, warm gemstones look marvelous with purple or plain blue material. For example, rubies with royal blue can make a beautiful, bold statement.

Some stylists refer to a color wheel for fusion of cool and warm colors. With a color wheel, you can find out the best blends of cool and warm shades. For instance, dark blue and green gemstones pop well against an orange or mustard yellow dress. Try to strike a balance between warm and cool colors.

Diamonds Can’t Be Ignored

Every girl likes to wear diamonds because these go well with anything. If you are clueless about what goes well with your outfit, you can simply wear diamonds. The white, classic diamonds become a prism under light and reflect all its colors.

How to match jewelry with your outfit|

That is it. Those were some of the jewelry styling tips for every occasion. I hope this post will help you match your jewelry based on your skin tone, outfit color and patterns.

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How to match jewelry with your outfit| Tips for all occasions

Do you find it challenging to coordinate jewelry with your dress on each occasion? If you are facing a similar situation, there is nothing to worry because you are not alone.


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