4 Padmavati jewellery pieces you will fall in love with!

4 Padmavati jewellery pieces you’ll fall in love with

padmavati jewellery designs, khadija beauty
Padmavati is one of the most awaited Bollywood movies which created a buzz over the internet. While the film itself has dealt with a lot of anticipation, Deepika Padukone’s look as Rani Padmavati garnered all the attention. Whether it’s her unibrows or Rajputana look, heavy lehengas or the elegant jewellery, we are just awestruck by everything about her. The jewellery collection is exclusively crafted by Tanishq Jewellers and took 600 days and 200 skilled craftsmen to do the justice of Padmavati’s look. From her thick women bangles to Rajasthani borla, the whole lot is giving us major bridal goals.
Here are the 4 major Padmavati’s jewellery pieces we just fell in love with:

1. Regal bridal nath

padmavati jewellery designs, khadija beauty
Online nose rings are pretty popular and trending these days. They are available in a multitude of designs, styles & patterns. From traditional nose rings for ethnic attires to simple nose hoops are taking over the fashion industry. With Deepika wearing this royal nath is oozing the game up for every girl out there. This Nath is a major inspiration for every bride to be. In this big golden kundan nose ring, she’s not looking less than a historic queen.

2. Ranihaar

padmavati jewellery designs, khadija beauty
The name is suggesting itself everything about this necklace. Wearing this ensemble, she is all ready to rule all over the world. The giant jewellery set around her neck is an incredible art. The heavy traditional necklace intricates different images of Rani Padmavati in 5 big stones. With the green stones hanging on last the neck piece giving it a royal finish. Wearing this she is truly looking like a royal-blood Rajputana queen

3. Dramatic wide textured kadas

padmavati jewellery designs, khadija beauty
Women bangles always become an oldest and purest ornament for women in India. The symbolic round hand bands are more than just the material or jewellery piece. Deepika wearing these heavy and wide textured kadas is no less than a treat to our eyes. These bangles are the traditional Rajasthani jewellery and giving a cultural royal look. The stunning set of bangles is simply adding the charm to Deepika Padukone’s royal look and making us go crazy.

4. Rajputana choker

padmavati jewellery designs, khadija beauty
Chokers are the new ‘in’ thing and every girl loves to wear them. Chokers have become the major jewellery piece available in every girl’s jewellery box, this one is indeed a great fusion of traditional Rajputana look jewellery and new choker style. The kunjan and stones studded in the necklace making it more charming and royal. The bold golden stones studded choker is best for bridals as it will draw all the attention the neckline and give a royal allure.

Just like royalties in real life, Deepika Padukone’s look is all about minimalism, wherein less is more. With less makeup, heavy lehengas and traditional jewellery; she’s a queen of the world. Everything about her look is just perfect, from unibrows to the way she puts her bindi right in the center of her forehead is just amazing about her. She is looking like the royal rajput blood in the Padmavati look. From online nose rings to cultural borlas, You can find jewellery like her easily and enjoy the same Padmavati look.

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