Dot and Key vitamin C serum Review

Dot and Key vitamin C serum Review

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So in my previous post, I reviewed Dot and Key hyaluronic acid serum and today I am going their vitamin C serum. I have recently started including Vitamin C serum in my routine and since then I am totally addicted to this ingredient. Vitamin C is obtained from various source and this particular serum which I am going to review has vitamin C from fruit extracts.

Dot and Key Vitamin C serum

Price: Rs.975

Availability: Dot and key website, AMAZON (Rs.780 on Amazon)


Dot and Key Vitamin C serum

Product Description

Vitamin C serum with weightess, quick-absorbing water base formula

– Contains kakadu plum, acerola cherry that ensures a less fatigued, radiant complexion

– Vitamin C + Hyaluronic acid that corrects damage caused by environmental aggressors and hydrates skin.

– Neutralises free radicals leading to ageing

– Safe and gentle on skin

My experience with Dot and Key Vitamin C serum


The packaging is the same as their hyaluronic acid serum except for the color. It has an outer yellow sticker, cute bottle plastic with a dropper.

Dot and Key Vitamin C serum

Dot and Key Vitamin C serum

How is fragrance & consistency?

It has a very mild citrusy fragrance and semi watery consistency.

How is Dot and Key Vitamin C serum?

To start with it is a water-based serum and also has hyaluronic acid in it. As soon as you massage it gets absorbed into the skin thus giving you a hydrated and matte finish. It also helps in blurring out the pores temporarily which I totally loved.

Vitamin C serum is usually rich in antioxidants and this serum contains various fruit extracts, and Vitamin E. I loved their ingredient list. I personally don’t have problematic skin so I couldn’t see any visible difference after using this vitamin C serum. All that I felt is that it is hydrating and helps in maintaining my skin texture.

Vitamin C serums are mainly for pigmented and sun-damaged skin. So if you are dealing with any such issue then you can include this regularly in your routine.

I have been using this vitamin C serum before going to bed for almost 20 days now. I liked it and also liked the way my skin feels after application but I didn’t notice any brightening effect on my face. Maybe it will show effect after 30 to 40 days.

So if you want to try this for dark spots or pigmentations then I feel it will take at least 2 months to visibly show some effect. And this is something common with a lot of serum. Serums are concentrates of potent ingredients and will take time to show. It should be used regularly to see the results.

Do not forget to use sunscreen after applying this during the day time.

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Amazing things about Dot and Key Vitamin C serum

Loved the packaging

Free from nasty chemicals

100% vegetarian

Temporarily hide the pores


Rich in antioxidants

Cons of Dot and Key Vitamin C serum

Percentage of Vitamin C & its pH not mentioned

Very slow in showing the effects.

Final verdict

The ingredients list is quite impressive and I also loved the fact that it is very light and hydrating. But I didn’t notice any major or visible differences on my skin. And I personally prefer vitamin C serum which has its pH and concentration mentioned on the label. This is the biggest drawback I noticed especially for the price that we are getting this at.

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Dot and Key vitamin C serum Review

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️


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  1. OMG, I was planing that I will start using Vitamin c products but there were thousands of dought in my head. But thanks, now my mind is clear and I will start using Vitamin C Serum now onwards.

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