Crosloop Designer earphones & Ralph Pierre watches Review

Crosloop Designer earphones & Ralph Pierre watches Review

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Today I am going to introduce 2 new Indian brands to you guys and review their products.

  1. Crossloop designer earphone
  2.  Ralph Pierre watch

Crosloop Designer earphones & Ralph Pierre watches Review

Crossloop designer earphones Review

Well, earphones are a must have for all of us. Be it for talking, listening to music or just to escape from strangers while traveling 😜 earphones comes to rescue. This crossloop designer earphone is perfect for those who don’t like carrying boring plain ones. I have got a beautiful pastel combination which just suits my personality and my preference. If you have been following me on Instagram then you must be knowing that I am more into pastel blues, purples, greens and pinks. And this Crossloop designer earphone is exactly of that combo which in fact coincides well with my Blog theme. They are available in other color combinations as well.

Crosloop Designer earphones & Ralph Pierre watches Review

Product description

Crossloop earphones are one of a kind handwoven stylish and premium earphone. It is perfect for those who crave for great sound in a compact, portable package. The Crossloop earphone will meet all your requirements with its amazing features & efficiency. It is the ultimate combination of sound, style & sophistication. Just plug these earphones and you will experience a whole new level of rich musical sound.

These earphones deliver a powerful sound with 10 vivid colours to choose from to suit your style.

Price: Price Rs.999. Use my coupon code KHADIJACP to avail 10% off

Availability: Buy from HERE


This comes in a very classy black box with its logo engraved on the top. The box is travel-friendly and has a magnetic opening. I completely loved its packaging.

Other details of Crossloop designer earphones you would love to know

This earphone adds life and looks so pretty. The best thing is that it’s not going to get tangled. I have been using it for almost a week & when I say I am using, it means that it’s literally been used and abused, but the fabric used is still intact. The audio quality is amazing. The sound is very clear without any secondary disturbance. It’s compatible with Android phones and iPhone till 6s.


  • Driver: 14.33 mm dynamic
  • Impedance: 32
  • Sensitivity: 100+- dB at 1KHZ
  • Frequency Respond: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Rated Input Power: 5mW
  • Maximum Input Power: 10mw
  • TPE Cord: 120cm
  • Jack: φ 3.5mm compatible with all android phones, tablets, computers, laptop, MP3 players & iPhone up to 6s.
  • Multifunction button with mic control
  • 1- year warranty.

Overall if you are looking for good quality earphones which would last longer, has an amazing audio quality and adds a dash of style to your look then I would highly recommend this.

And the next product is that one fashion accessory without which I cannot step out of my home. It’s a watch! Ralph Pierre watches are sleek, light weight and classy.

Ralph Pierre Sublime Breeze Watch Review

Price: Rs.1799. Use this code KHADIJARP to avail 10% off discount

Availability: Buy from HERE

Model: Ralph Pierre Sublime Breeze

Product description

Carry the sophisticated grace with this beautiful white strap 2- tone watch from Sublime series. Ralph Pierre combines precision and finesse together to provide you this timepiece which you can flaunt in style. It is suitable for all women.


It comes in a securely packed box with a magnetic opening. The box gives a luxe feel to the entire product. I must say that they know their packaging game really well.

Crosloop Designer earphones & Ralph Pierre watches Review

My Review

I basically love wearing metal straps so when I received this watch I was doubtful if it would suit me. But the moment I wore it, I loved it. The fact that the Dial was large convinced me and it looked really good on my wrist.

The strap of this Ralph Pierre watch is made from European PU leather and it’s of 8mm width. And since it’s PU leather we need to keep it safe to avoid damage The strap has two loops into which we need to insert for securing the watch and the first loop is a bit smaller than the second one. So it becomes a little harder to insert the strap into that loop. Other than that I loved everything about it.

 Ralph Pierre watches Review

Here is the rest of the details about this Ralph Pierre watch

Specifications Ralph Pierre watches Review

Why you should be buying this?

Ralph Pierre watch has a classic Japanese Citizen® Miyota® Movement making it far more accurate & reliable than the current brands that generally have Chinese movement.The Citizen Miyota is considered the workhorse in the industry and is known for its premium quality, reliability & dependability.

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It has a European design which looks ultra stylish and trending

The Ralph Pierre watches are powered with SONY batteries to give them relentless power to go non-stop for  3 years.

It’s water resistant up to 10 m of the water depth

Unbeatable Price

Overall verdict

I have fallen in love with its dial. The price at which it is available keeping in mind the quality, look of the watch and battery quality I would highly recommend this to you. It goes well with all the outfits.

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