5 Effective Home remedies to get rid of dry skin| Bonus tips

5 Home remedies to get rid of dry skin| Bonus tips Everyone desires to have a healthy, glowing and moisturized skin. But some of us face the problem of dry flaky skin and have to keep ourselves intact with a… Continue Reading

Home remedies for pigmentation on face that actually works


Home remedies to get rid of pigmentation on face What is skin pigmentation? In hyperpigmentation,  the skin color becomes darker than the normal skin. These dark spots occur because of the excess amount of melanin. This can also occur as… Continue Reading

6 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Growth and thickness that works

long hair

6 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Growth and thickness that works Everyone love hairs because it plays a vital role in defining individual looks and face. They might have a question in mind that what oil, shampoo, natural remedies to… Continue Reading

Home Remedies for dark circles | Causes and How to get rid of it

Home Remedy for dark circles | Reasons for dark circles Dark circles are a common problem for both men and women. Every third person has under eye dark circles and there are so many different reasons why you might have… Continue Reading

Best Homemade Bleach For Face | Natural Bleach Recipe

Best Homemade natural Bleach For Face

Best Homemade Bleach For Face Pollution, stress and age take a toll on women’s skin and face over a period of time. Generally, women turn over to the counter serums, lotions, and creams If you have a mild or moderate… Continue Reading

Hair Smoothening at Home| Get straight and soft hair naturally

hair smoothening at home, khadija beauty

Hair Smoothening at HomeLet’s talk about bad hair days, cuz hey, who doesn’t have one? There are days where I spend time trying to untangle my hair and end up in tears, quite literally! Dry and frizzy hair can be… Continue Reading

Top Home Remedies To Prevent and Stop Premature Graying Of Hair| DIY Hair masks for Dry hair

Home remedies to prevent Premature graying of hair

Top Home Remedies To Prevent Premature Graying Of Hair   Long gone are the days when grey hair could be spotted only on older people. Seeking solutions to reverse it seems to be a major cause of worry for many.… Continue Reading

Pre Bridal skincare routine for healthy skin- 2 months before wedding

Home remedies for under eye dark circles, khadija beauty

Bridal skincare routine Marriage is a special day for everyone. This is a time when all the women want to look special, unique and beautiful. It is going to be your big day and all eyes are going to be… Continue Reading

Recipes and Remedies for dry and chapped lips| DIY lip scrub

DIY lip scrub, khadija beauty

Recipes and Remedies for dry and chapped lips Dry or chapped lips can be extremely unattractive and embarrassing, especially if there’s too much skin peeling off from the lips. Exfoliation, hydration and moisturization are as important for lips, as it… Continue Reading

Bid Goodbye to Dark Circles with home remedies- Here’s how!

Home remedies for under eye dark circles, khadija beauty

Bid Goodbye to Dark Circles: Here’s how! Tired of those under eye bags? Concealers can sure help you fake a good night’s sleep but behind all that makeup, only you know the darkness you have been lurking under your eyes.… Continue Reading

Easy skincare guide you should follow for beautiful skin

skincare guide for healthy skin, khadija beauty

Skincare is a necessity in today’s pollution and the stress driven world. It is necessary to have a proper skincare routine for a glowing and healthy skin. But it may get a little difficult to find time in our ever growing… Continue Reading

9 Fashion Hacks for lazy girls| Cool fashion tips that will save your money

fashion hacks for lazy girls, khadija beauty

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