5 Best Anti Aging Ingredients You Need To Know

5 Best Anti Aging Superstar Ingredients You Need!

The anti-aging skincare industry is full of promises and hope for people who are looking to get rid of their fine lines & wrinkles. What this means is that every day, a new product comes out claiming to be the next holy grail. No matter which brand or product you go for, there are five tried, tested, and proven ingredients, brimming with anti-aging benefits. Read more to find out about these powerhouse ingredients.

Wrinkles Prevention & Treatment

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is available in a serum form that comes in a dark bottle because this ingredient needs protection from air exposure and sunlight. One of the significant functions of Vitamin C is to protect the skin from free radicals, improve the effectiveness of your sunscreen, and anti-aging. A lot of collagen-boosting creams often have Vitamin C.

Most Vitamin C serums also contain good ingredients like Vit E, Ferulic Acid, and other skin-soothing compounds. Supermodels and celebrities alike swear by this ingredient for a good reason.

Retinoids & Retinol

This ingredient has entered the mainstream skincare scene over the last few years and seems to be making waves everywhere. A Vitamin A derivative, Retinol, is often found in OTC anti-aging creams, but the concentration is so small, it takes a while for results. While the difference between these two is complicated, the results are easy and amazing. They repair sun damage and can practically reverse time.

Even though there are some side effects, a good skincare routine involving a heavy-duty moisturizer can make your wrinkles disappear in a few months.

Argan Oil

With influencers promoting all kinds of acids and exfoliators these days, the moisture barrier of the skin can get damaged. This damage tends to show up in the form of dry and flaky skin, overproduction of sebum, itching, and redness. Argan oil is a skincare oil that can help restore that barrier slowly over time and give the skin some much-needed breathing space. It has some great fatty acids, and the Vitamin E in this oil usually helps most skin types get rid of signs of aging.

There is one oil for every skin type – Rosehip oil for acne and pigmentation, squalane oil for dryness, tea tree oil for breakouts, and Argan oil for anti-aging.

AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)

The top layer of skin usually sheds dead skin cells, but for this dead skin to be sloughed off, everyone needs a good AHA product in their routine. AHAs include Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. Usually available in the form of toners, an AHA toner can help other skincare ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. Because of different levels of potency and how potent this ingredient is, dermatologists recommend building up the skin’s ability to withstand it.

AHA toners should be applied right after cleansing the face and after about a minute or so, other products like serums and creams can go on. AHAs also help with wrinkles, fine lines, spots, and acne.

Hyaluronic Acid

The human body naturally contains Hyaluronic Acid, but with time and age, these stores get depleted. The result is dry and lifeless looking skin that won’t feel soft and supple no matter which moisturizer is used. Hyaluronic Acid brings back that suppleness of the skin. Having the ability to hold about a thousand times its weight in water, Hyaluronic Acid provides potent surface level hydration. It is usually available in a thick, gel-like serum that should be applied to damp skin and then patted in. Hyaluronic Acid serums should be sealed in with a cream or face oil to stop the moisture from evaporating.

HA is a fast-acting ingredient and instantly fills in lines and wrinkles, making skin look alive. A lot of serums and face creams that are water-based also include Hyaluronic Acid to give amazing results.

There are other anti-aging skincare ingredients with results backed by science and research, but these five are where the journey begins. Not to forget, sunscreen should always be applied throughout the day to make all these ingredients do their job better.

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