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Having great makeup products alone is not enough to get a good makeup look. It is the makeup tools that would help you achieve an amazingly seamless finish on your face. I am going to review today about the brush which everyone is talking about. Yes! It is Oval brush and the name written on the brush is Anastasia Beverly hills which actually is a dupe of Artis Oval brush. I was very excited to use it and now I am very excited to share my views with you guys (eeeeeee happy). I have not used the Artis oval brush so can’t really compare that with this. But I will give my honest review on this particular one. To know if it is worth the hype, stay tuned 🙂


Price: Rs.200-250| $1-7

The price varies depending on the seller and the place from where you are buying it.


I have purchased this from a cosmetic store in my place but it is easily available on eBay and Amazon


I got this brush in a white plastic box where all the details about it were mentioned. 


My experience with Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval makeup brush

Now let me share my opinion about this oval makeup brush and calm down my excitement. Firstly, I will make it very clear to you guys that this is a dupe of Artis Oval 07 brush and it has the logo of Anastasia Beverly hill with the brand name mentioned on the brush. For a second I was also confused like “Are they really from Anastasia?” But then I thought naahhh! Anastasia Beverly hills don’t have any oval brush in their brush collection and even if they had, why would they sell it at this price 😛 So this is a dupe, made in china but I will call it the way I have given my post title. Because they sound good to me 😛 When it comes to the quality of this brush, it is really appreciable. The entire brush set is also available but I wanted to try out just the foundation brush.


Brush design

Now coming to the design of the brush, as the name suggests it has an oval brush head with a handle. It is little tilted, I mean the handle is slightly curved at the end of the brush head and they are straight at the bottom. You will understand what I am exactly talking about when you see the picture of it.

The bristles are super super super fine and dense. They are so soft and velvety. I loved that smooth feeling over my face when blending the foundation .They give a rich look and are cheap to buy (a great combo right?) The handles are stiff, do not bend and they are not flexible too, as many other dupes oval brushes are. It has a Rose gold color brush head with a matte black handle. This color combination makes the brush look classy and royal and is my favorite color combo too 🙂



Blending power

They blend the foundation effortless all over the face. So they have a good blending power or ability (however you would like to call). When I applied my foundation and blended it with this brush my first reaction was like “OMG!! This is so good and blends very quickly”. I would give its blending ability a 4.5*/5. Yes of course, I am going to give the reason for this. It blended the foundation very easily over the cheeks, chin and forehead but it did not blend that well on my nose. It was just tugging and dragging the foundation on my nose so I did not get the same effect I used to get with my beauty blender. I would not say it did not blend at all on my nose, it just didn’t work the same way as compared to the flat parts of the face. But then, blending that area alone with beauty blender gave me the final finished look.


Before blending with oval makeup brush


Blending with Oval makeup brush


Blended evenly using oval makeup brush

Other important things which I observed

One more impressive thing about this brush is that it did not leave any streaky lines on my face. In the beginning when you swipe the brush for the first time you would see the lines but once you blend it, no lines will be visible.

Another most important thing that I consider when purchasing a foundation brush is to check whether it soaks up the foundation or not. And after seeing this densely bristled brush I thought that would eat up my foundation but to my surprise it did not absorb much of the foundation. In fact I guess it did not take up even a single drop of my foundation.

There were various sizes available but I chose this size because I felt that this size will be correct for my face and will be able to blend in all the parts of the face. If you are also planning to get just a single brush then I would suggest you to get the size which I have bought because it can be used as a contour brush as well as a foundation brush. And you can easily move this over your face for blending around your eyes and brow bone areas.

 I have washed the brush thrice and there were no fallouts. The bristles are strong, smooth and dense.

Comparing the price- Original vs. Dupe

Ebook Promo

Artis 07 oval brush: $60.00| Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval makeup brush: $1-7


When blending foundation with a brush, always move your brush in an outward direction.

Amazing things about Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval makeup brush


Bristles are Smooth, soft, silky, velvety (and all the other words which would refer this)

Blends in quickly

Easily available

Easy to use

Available in many sizes

Doesn’t absorb foundation into the brush

Strong bristles- no fall outs


It blended in my foundation evenly all over my face except the nose.

Buy Online:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval makeup brush – In India

Anastasia Beverly Hills Oval makeup brush– In other countries

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So how was it? Are you going to try this brush? Do let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. These types of cosmetic brushes are awkward to use. I have the foundation and concealer brushes by Anastasia and they are poorly made besides being difficult to use. They just don’t cover the whole face. The brush hair is soft but uneven and did shed a little. The cheap plastic handles were a disappointment. I gave them to my 14 year old to try. So glad I didn’t spend a lot on a quality set that I would’ve been uncomfortable using. For me, this style of makeup brush didn’t work. Cannot recommend.

  2. Hi! I was planning on buying the brush, but do you know what type of bristles is the brush made of?

    • Synthetic bristles. They are very soft and did not irritate my skin in anyways. and yes it totally depends on from where you are purchasing

  3. Awwww finally saw this post… I was badly searching for this type of brush in an affordable rate. Was not sure whether if I buy also will it work or not but after ur review… will definitely buy it. Thanks a ton…

    • Thank you so much, dear. I bought it from my local cosmetic store. Here is a link where you can buy —
      This is not the exact brush which I have. So not 100% sure about the bristles. But it’s oval makeup brush and the reviews of the buyers are good. Check this out. Hope this will help you 🙂 Have a nice day!

  4. Awesome !Awesome ! Awesome! Kathli! Really good improvements in Blog as well in Make up.

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