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Lotus herbals Aloesoft lotion is not a new one and you might have come across this lotion long back and might have also read few reviews on it. I know I am bit late but I could not resist myself from reviewing on this* better late than never :P*. I share every product on my blog and today I am going to review this lotion which is I am currently loving and using as my daily body lotion (ohhh wait the same wordings are written on the lotion bottle too). I am so excited to tell you all everything about this amazing lotion. Let’s get staaaarted!



Price: Rs.210| Quantity: 250ml

Availability: Easily available in shops and online


What Lotus Herbals claims about this lotion?


Direction to apply:




My Experience with Lotus Herbals Aloesoft Daily Body Lotion SPF 20

I have been trying out different body lotions and at one point of time all the lotions which I was using started to make my skin greasy. I hated that sticky feeling which I got after applying lotions. Then I was surfing on net for a good non-greasy body lotions and that is how I came to know about this particular lotion. Then I did a little research on it and ordered. I must say this lotion has everything which I wanted in my lotion and is very affordable too. I am not exaggerating guys, really it is worth it. I wish I could have been aware of this lotion earlier. This is perfect for my skin type (I have normal skin type except the face). Why am I feeling like this review is turning it TMI about me:P. Okay now coming to this body lotion, it has Aleo vera and cucumber extracts, both of these are best known for hydration. So this was one of the things that attracted me.



When it comes to packaging I would give 10/10 to this product. The packaging is very impressive. It comes in a creamish color plastic container with a pump dispenser and a lock system. This lock system makes the packaging travel-friendly.


Formulation and consistency

This lotion has an amazing formulation which makes it a perfect balance of not being too heavy or too light. I can smell a mix of aloe vera and cucumber in this lotion. It has a refreshing fragrance and you will also like it (hope so). The lotion is opaque white in color and it gets absorbed into the skin immediately. As the product claims, it is not at all greasy and because of that I love it to the core. It also has SPF 20. * Thumbs Up*

Another thing which attracted me was the green dot indicating it as vegetarian and also has a logo which tells that it is not tested on animals. I have noticed that when I wash my hands after applying this lotion, it makes my hand softer than before. This may be because of Aleo vera in it because I get a similar feeling when I wash my hands after using aloe vera gel.



Amazing things about Lotus Herbals Aloesoft Daily Body Lotion SPF 20




Travel-friendly packaging

Not tested on animals


Ebook Promo

Smells good

Has SPF 20

Contains milk enzymes

Absorbed into the skin immediately

Suitable for all skin types


Contains paraben

If you suffer from extremely dry skin during winter then this MAY not work best for you. Now winter has started and I am using it and it is completely working for me.


Add few drops of coconut oil or Vitamin E oil to this lotion if you need extra hydration 🙂

My rating: 4.9/5

 Because of paraben used as a preservative in it.

Buy Online:

Lotus Herbals Aloesoft Daily Body Lotion SPF 20

Final verdict:

I will definitely re-purchase it and I am recommending you people too to try it. You will love it. If you are searching for a non-greasy, hydrating and affordable body lotion with a sunscreen in it then this is the right one. Go ahead and try out and if you have already used it then do let me know your review below in the comment section.

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