Styling Indian Wear With Western Accessories: A New Trend

Styling Indian Wear With Western Accessories: A New Trend

Accessorizing the Salwar Kameez

Image via Flickr by meg and rahul

The salwar kameez offers the perfect backdrop for a Western-styled leather belt. There are two types of Western belts β€” wide with a large buckle and narrow with a silver buckle. Avoid the wide belt as it can overwhelm the material used for the salwar kameez and draw too much unwanted attention.

Opt for the narrow leather belt with a silver buckle. The narrow width of the belt helps define the waist and the silver of the buckle will complement the material instead of drowning it out.

If you don’t want to go with a belt, look into Southwestern-style jewelry made by Native Americans. This type of jewelry uses a lot of silver and turquoise in their manufacture. Both colors go far in terms of toning down hot colors and balancing out gold tones in the garment.

Adding a Little Panache to the Churidar

The churidar is a balanced design that focuses the viewer’s attention to the top of the pants depending on material choice. That means you don’t want to overdo it when picking an accessory to go with the outfit. You may want to pick a pair of Western booties considering the fact that the pants fit tightly at the ankles.


You can find booties in a myriad of colors and patterns that are sure to complement the colors in the churidar. And Western booties add that touch of “different” to the garments without looking awkward.

Touching Up the Sari

The sari is the embodiment of the perfect garment. Full of color, made from beautiful fabrics, and a backdrop for amazing prints, there’s not much to be done to enhance the sari. Or is there? Women’s Western wear features garments that work well with the sari.

Get a pair of embroidered Western boots so there’s a flash of color and texture whenever you’re walking. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to turn heads with the combination of the American West with traditional Indian garments.

The sky is the limit when it comes to combining two distinctly different styles of clothing. Sticking with traditional garments is safe, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing in accessories from a different culture to make the traditional more interesting and exciting. All it takes is a little imagination to make it work.



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Styling Indian Wear With Western Accessories: A New Trend

Image via Flickr by meg and rahul


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