Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1

Stay quirky soft matte mini Lipstick set Review| Kit 1

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So almost a month back I just thought of trying a mini lip kit and the downloaded purplle app for the first time. Stay quirky is a brand exclusively available on purplle and since they are extremely affordable I thought of trying and reviewing so that you guys would try as well (if it’s good enough)

These mini lip kits are available in different sets. The one which I have purchased is kit 01. Likewise, they have different kits with different shade ranges. You can pick the one which you like. Kit 01 has a mix of nudes, pinks, purples, and reds.

Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1


So is it worth the money? Let’s see.

My experience with stay quirky soft matte mini lipstick set| kit 01

Price: Rs. 399. It has 12 mini Lipsticks. Each if 1.2g.

Availability: Purplle

Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1


Speciality: Toxicity Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan

Active Ingredients: Vitamin E

Range: Stay Quirky BadAss Soft Matte

How is the packaging?

The Lipsticks comes in a black tray with a Lipstick holder and a transparent cap. The entire kit is just the size of the palm. Each Lipstick looks tiny and has a plastic cap. Overall I loved the packaging. Actually pretty good for the price.

Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1

Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1

How is the texture?

So these 12 Lipsticks is a mix of semi-matte, and metallic Lipstick and every shade have a different texture.

I will talk about the texture, pigmentation separately for every shade so that you can understand it better.

How is the staying power?

The staying power of these lipsticks are pretty good and there are shades that leave a tint behind even after removing. The darker shades are kind of hard to take off. Don’t know if this is a pro or a con 😅🙈

Shade description

Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1

Shade 7 (Angel with Devil’s kiss)

This is such a beautiful browny nude shade that would suit medium to fair skin tones. One of my favorite shades amongst the 12 Lipsticks.

They are creamy matte and glides on the lips very easily

Shade 11( Bad girl, wild lips)

This is again a browny nude shade very similar to shade 7. The finish, texture everything is the same.

Shade 24 (want to get messy)

This is a mauvy nude shade and this is again my favorite shade. I have worn this multiple times and I love it. It’s closer to sugar peachy little liars.

It will suit fair to medium skin tone.

It is semi-matte and doesn’t last heavy meals. But very comfortable and reapplication would not take more than 10 seconds☺️

Shade 40 (unicorn blood)

It’s deep red shade. This is oxblood shade and it’s would suit all skin tones.

This shade is semi-matte and supremely pigmented.

Shade 46 (Trippin’ over you)

This shade is close to light fuschia pink. It is a metallic shade and has a silver reflex in it. I feel it has cooler undertone and would suit the best on fair skin tones only.

It gives a very subtle metallic look and can be worn for parties without even thinking twice **if it goes well with the look**

Shade 10 (Biting is not Allowed)

This is a true fuschia pink shade with a glossy finish. This would suit all the skin tones and it’s pretty hard to remove.

Shade 4 (liar liar lips on fire)

This is a dark purplish plum shade. I personally don’t prefer such dark shades but this color would compliment almost all skin tones.

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Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1

Shade 47 (Lust is contagious)

It’s a beautiful pink metallic shade with a cooler undertone.

Shade 21 (boost my mood)

This is a very pretty barbie pink shade. Yet another favorite shade of mine. This would suit fair medium and dusky skin tones.

Shade 50 (You badly need to be kissed)

This is a pink shade with a reddish undertone. It’s is slightly darker than shade 21. I loved this shade too. It would again suit all skin tones.

Shade 39 (Fire up here & down below)

This is a true red shade. This shade again would look pretty on all the skin tones.

Shade 8 (Saint with Sinner’s lip)

This is again a different pink shade. Please see the swatches so that you can differentiate all the pinks by yourself.

All of the shade are semi-matte/glossy, 2 shades are metallic thus making the kit 01 a perfect lipstick kit. It has a beautiful shade range making it easier for all of us to experiment with different colors without having to waste the money. I feel this particular kit that is kit 01 can be a good consideration and can be included in your bridal kit too.

The staying power is different for each shade but here’s a hack. Just blot your lips really well with these Lipsticks and then apply over it if you want to. This way it’s gonna stay longer.

Amazing things about Stay quirky soft matte mini Lipstick set


We get to try 12 different shades of Lipsticks

Very comfortable on the lips


Sturdy packaging

A very good investment

Vegan, cruelty-free and toxicity free

Con of Stay quirky soft matte mini Lipstick set



Do I recommend?

Yes totally. If you love Lipsticks or if you want to experiment with different shades without having to worry about investing a lot of money then I would highly recommend you to go for this kit. This kit has shades that would suit almost all skin tones except the metallic ones but you can mix and create your own custom shade as per your skin tones.

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Stay Quirky Soft Matte Mini Lipstick Set Review| Kit 1

Hello my lovely people out there!!! ☺️


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