10 Fashion and Accessory Tips Everybody Needs to Know in 2019

10 Fashion and Accessory Tips Everybody Needs to Know in 2019

Fashion and accessory trends come and go and it’s often hard to keep an eye on them. You don’t need to read dozens of fashion magazines to learn what to wear in 2019, though. The great news is, most of these fashion and accessory trends will keep thriving in 2020, as well.

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Be bold to wear a hat daily

Hats aren’t just for your beach trips. While they’re tricky to rock, you can still learn how to choose and wear a hat to enhance your style. The most important thing to do here is to buy the right hat. In 2019, you won’t go wrong with any hat trends.

Ensure that hat you already have in your closet or are going to buy a suit you best. If a large hat doesn’t suit you and small hats aren’t for you, consider wearing a steampunk fascinator. This may sound crazy, yet it looks beautiful and stylish, especially with a sophisticated up-do.

Play with the little black dress

Little black dress is a fashion trend that will probably never die. Whether you choose a head-to-toe stylish black look or you would like to jazz your LBD up with a pop of color by wearing an amazing red jacket, know that little black dresses will literally take you anywhere in 2019.

Pair it with some white or nude shoes, choker, or even a large hat. You can never go wrong with LBD, especially if you’re slim and trim.

Don’t forget to tie on a scarf

Be it a spring or a winter, ensure you have a scarf handy. With a wide selection of scarves in any design and color, you can definitely choose the one for each season. Scarves are a cheap accessory that can significantly choose the way you look. Scarves help to add a pop of pattern and color to an old and boring outfit.

Consider matching your scarf’s color to your outfit, hair accessories, or even the color of your eyes.  You can tie your scarf in an open loop around your neck, wear it around your shoulders, knot it to the side, or simply tie it on the strap of your everyday handbag. In 2019, scarves aren’t just for keeping your neck and shoulders warm, they’re for bringing a variety of colors and patterns together.

Dress for your body type

One of the most important fashion tips to remember in 2019 is to dress for your body type. One trend can look great on one woman may not flatter your body type, and otherwise. Whether you’re curvy or tall, boyish, or petite, aim to dress in a way that will make you feel more comfortable, beautiful, and confident.

Tall girls can embrace longer hemlines, while girls with hourglass figures enjoy wearing figure-hugging outfit. Petite girls should avoid being swallowed up by their outfit choices.

Go crazy with rings

It doesn’t mean you should spend your entire paycheck on gold rings, though. Opt for costume jewelry this year – especially if you’re a costume jewelry woman. Stock up on inexpensive rings of any style you’ll find – from bold, heart or skull-shaped rings to soft and chic ones. It’s hard to get enough rings. Go crazy with different rings each day, even if they don’t match your outfit.

If you have any special rings like heirloom family rings, eternity rings, engagement and wedding rings, give them the special space on your fingers. Keep costume jewelry away from special rings. If you’re looking to achieve a dramatic glamorous look, opt for the large rings with bright stones.

Accessorize with a choker

Chokers have been popular since the 1920s and they’re not going to disappear anywhere. In 2019, every stylish girl needs to buy chokers, as well. There are many chokers to choose from so that you could elevate your outfit in a matter of a few seconds.

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Chokers are affordable and available in different materials, colors, styles, and shapes. Opt for an elegant pearl choker for your first date or a leather one for a wild party night to pump up your look.

Play with layered accessories

Boost your confidence and stay fashionable in 2019 by wearing multiple accessories. For instance, you can wear 2 to 4 necklaces of different length, style, and color. One statement necklace accompanied by 2 to 3 smaller and plainer chains will enhance your look without going crazy with your outfit.

If you don’t feel like wearing multiple necklaces, opt for multiple bracelets and rings, instead. They’re super easy to match and wear, and they can add a sense of confidence and fun to your everyday style.

Dress for the occasion

If you could wear your skinny jeans with an oversized sweater literally everywhere in 2018, this year you should learn how to dress for the occasion. Whether you’ve been invited to your friend’s party or a meeting, ensure you dress accordingly.

Avoid being too matchy-matchy

Although it was said before to match that with that, you don’t have to go overboard with it. Aim to wear a variety of colors that emphasize one another instead of desperately trying to match them. Just because your bag is purple doesn’t mean you should wear everything purple, too.

Mix patterns and prints

Double up on prints and patterns to help you gain a chic and confident look. For instance, polka dots go well with florals or stripes. Or, you can mix a non-critter pattern with leopard print or paisley with checks or squares. Don’t overdo it, though. The last thing you want to do is to end up looking like a clown.

Now that you know the top 10 great fashion and accessory tips for 2019, check out your closet and see what you can afford to buy. Pay huge attention to your accessories. If you don’t have anything mentioned above, consider going shopping, albeit some tips don’t involve shopping or money.






10 Fashion and Accessory Tips Everybody Needs to Know in 2019

10 Fashion and Accessory Tips Everybody Needs to Know in 2019 Fashion and accessory trends come and go and it’s often hard to keep an eye on them. You don’


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