Different Flowers with Deep Meanings You Need to Know

Different Flowers with Deep Meanings You Need to Know

Since a long time ago, flowers have been used to express feelings or specific messages to the receiver of the flower. Every type of flowers could help the sender to communicate what are cannot be expressed through words. This is why flowers can be a meaningful gift and are beautiful to give on every kind of special occasions. But to make your flower gift become a meaningful gift, you have to know the flower meaning first. Below are some guides for you:

Different Flowers with Deep Meanings


Carnation flower is an aromatic and strong flower to represents beauty and pride. This is the perfect choice to give to someone who is just graduated, or to someone who has overcome a challenge, or to someone who just accomplishes a goal. You can express your “I’m proud of you” with this flower from a flower delivery Singapore service, or symbolizes your love and devotion with a bouquet of Carnations.


Hydrangea is always about sincere and heartfelt. It is the perfect flower meaning to show your caring or to ask a forgiveness.


This flower is both serene and stunning, indeed. They are a choice if you want to send your compliments to someone through flowers. Moreover, Iris is also the symbol of wisdom, faith, and hope.


A freshly cut flowers of Larkspur can bring a cheerful vibe to the receiver. They are the lightheartedness and are filled with good humor symbolization to make anyone happy.


This is one exotic flower. Orchid flower can catch anyone’s eye with its beauty; Orchid is also a unique flower for a nice gift that you can get on a local flower shop. A professional arrangement of Orchids in a bouquet will capture people’s attention and never fail to get appreciated since Orchid is also the representation of beauty and love.


Different Flowers with Deep Meanings

It is a fact that among all flowers, Rose is the most popular one. Almost everyone knows this flower and this flower also surprisingly will be the first flower people would mention if they are being asked about some flower names. Rose is also the symbol of love, attraction, and passion towards the special one. You will never go wrong in choosing this flower to give your loved one.

After all, you still can add a greeting card on the flower bouquet of your gift to make your intention to the receiver become clearer. A thoughtful gift like this will be a hard-to-forget and deserve an appreciation.

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