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I know a lot of you guys must have heard about oil cleansing method (OCM) but how many if you have actually tried it? A few months back while researching on the internet for acne and pimples I came across the method of cleansing the face with oils. And I was not really shocked with this because I have been using oil for removing my makeup. But it never hit my mind that if it can remove the stubborn waterproof makeup why won’t it remove the dirt from face? And then I thought of giving this a try. And trust me guys oil cleansing method is a SKIN SAVIOUR and implementing this in your routine will completely change your skin condition. After doing this for more than a month or two I can clearly see the changes in my skin. I swear by this method and if you guys trust me then do try this. You will notice beautiful changes in your skin. Interested to know more about oil cleansing method? Don’t worry I am going cover every possible thing I can in this post. And yeah oil cleansing method is for all skin types and is the solution for major skin problems such as pimples, cystic acne, clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts and flaky skin.

So let me start with the basic.

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What is oil cleansing method?

As the name suggests it is a method where we use a mixture of oils to cleanse the face. This method works by dissolution theory where “oil dissolves oil”

So a lot of skin issues arises because of clogged pores. And the reason for clogged pores is excess oil production or accumulation of dead cells. And when the face is not cleansed and exfoliated properly even the dirt gets settled inside the pores which leads to clogging. So no matter what the reason is, oil cleansing method meltdown all the dirt and hard sebum that is present in the pores. Now you will get the question how? So the answer for this is oil has the property of dissolving oil. And this is concept used in oil cleansing method.

How to prepare the oil blend for oil cleansing method?

Usually, in this method, two to three different oils are mixed in an appropriate proportion depending upon different skin type. I personally use olive oil as a carrier oil. So I would be suggesting it with olive oil. You can replace it with any other oil. Make sure that the oil you are using suits you.

oil cleansing method, oil cleansing method for acne, khadija beauty

Oil cleansing recipe

For Oily skin

30% castor oil
70% olive oil (can be replaced it with any other oil of your choice)

For Normal skin

20% castor oil
80% olive oil

For Dry skin

10% castor oil
90% olive oil

I have given you a rough idea for the formulation. This is a trial and error method so I would suggest you prepare the mixture in small batches and try them. If the formula is perfect then you can stick on with it else you are free to change the ratio and test it. The above recipe will work for most of the people.

Important things to keep in mind while formulating your own oil blend

Castor oil is a must because this is the one which is going to act as a cleanser. Castor oil is the best natural cleanser and they have many other beneficial properties as well. They suck out all the dirt and bacteria from the skin and pores which is why this is the most important ingredient in oil cleansing method. Since castor oil is a strong cleanser, they are drying and that is why we need to dilute it with carrier oils. And the carrier oil completely depends on your choice and also your skin condition.

Carrier oil options– Sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, rosehip oil and the list goes on. I would strictly recommend you to make sure that you are not allergic to the oil that you are adding in your oil recipe. I have heard that coconut oil is comedogenic so I would not suggest you add it to your blend. And you can also add on to two drops of tea tree essential oil or lavender essential oil to control acne.

I have an oily skin and I prefer olive oil along with argan oil.

My personal blend

30% castor oil

65% olive oil

5% Argan oil

I keep changing my recipe. Sometimes just the castor oil and olive oil. Now I am planning to replace argan oil with rosehip oil. So I would say just play around with your formulation and see which one works best for you. If the formulation is making your skin dry then reduce the castor oil ratio. If you have an oily skin and even after proper OCM your face is oily then increase the ratio of castor oil.

How to do oil cleansing method(OCM)

  1. Prepare your oil blend according to your skin type
  2. Take required amount if oil in your palm and massage the oil well onto your face. 
  3. Massage it for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Then dip a soft and a good quality washcloth in a mug of hot water. Maintain the temperature level of water such that you can withstand it.
  5. Squeeze off the excess water from the washcloth and place it on your face.
  6. Water should be hot enough that when you place the washcloth on your face, you feel the steam penetrating into your pores. This steam will open up the pores and will dissolve all the dirt and the oil that are present in the pores.
  7. Now gently wipe off the oil with the washcloth.
  8. Dip the washcloth into the warm water preferably while wiping the oil. I usually wipe it twice or thrice. And this soft washcloth acts as a mild exfoliant removing the dead cells and dry skin.
  9. When you feel all of the oils are removed DO NOT FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR PORES WITH AN ICE CUBE OR COLD WATER.

After effects of Oil cleansing method

Now after you are done with cleansing and closing your pores, you can feel your skin baby soft and completely clean. Every time I do oil cleansing method I could feel my face clear, extremely soft and refreshed. I also feel like it gives me an instant brightness. I have been doing this for almost two months I guess and I just love my skin now. Cleansers for oily skin usually makes the skin dry and stretchy. But after OCM I didn’t feel my skin dry at oil. It removed all of the excess oil and dirt leaving my skin supple and healthy. And since this OCM includes massaging the face with oil, it improves the blood circulation which helps in bringing a glow to the face. I started doing this when I was facing continuous breakouts. But after including oil cleansing method in my regimen, my breakouts are completely under control * yeah obviously I get those occasional hormonal breakouts* 

No person of any skin type will ever feel their skin dry after doing oil cleansing method. If you feel it then you have to change your formulation especially the percentage of castor oil in your recipe. Oil cleansing method softens and treat pimples and the cystic acne and also prevents acne.

It may seem to be time-consuming in the beginning and you may also feel lazy to do it. But I kid you not, this works amazingly well and once you start noticing the positive changes in your skin, you will start being regular leaving behind your laziness. Even I was lazy in the beginning but now I do it daily or every alternate day before going to bed. I usually include it in my night time skincare routine.  Do it every day or every alternate day for a month and you will observe your skin turning healthy and beautiful. 

Important Tips

Use organic and cold pressed and hexane free oil.

Even though your skin feels hydrated and soft, follow it up with few drops of oil.

I usually use few drops of jojoba oil or Miracle oil after OCM

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That is it guys. Hope this post was helpful. Have you tried Oil cleansing method? Do let me know in the comments below. I have tried to cover everything but still, if you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comments or mail or DM me on Instagram.

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  1. Well informative post. I go for OCM also. I use coconut oil and grapeseed oil mixed with some essential oil. Now I am going to mix castor oil to it.

  2. I have heard a lot of OCM and tried it sometime back. Then got lazy and dropped off. But when I read the benefits, it seems I should give it a try again…

  3. Hi ,I work in power sector which is under construction. We are subjected to lot of dust,gases and sweat .we had to have headbath almost daily .Any suggestions would be helpful to many of our likes.

  4. I have heard about OCM before as well but didn’t get any chance to try out . Will try to do it and be regular as I am super lazy ??

  5. I use castor oil + almond oil and some tea tree oil drops for my oily & acne prone skin. I am just not that frequent. I do it only when I am in DIY mode 🙂

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