Greenberry Organics Cocoa Butter Body and Hand Lotion Review| Hydrating and healthy skin

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How you are guys doing? Well today I am going to share a product with you all which is really very exciting and organic. Everyone wants to have one product on which they can rely completely to get a healthy and smooth skin. Wouldn’t it be great if you have found one such product and wouldn’t it be the best if that product is natural and organic? It is like an icing on the cake. If you are wondering why am I talking all this then let me show you guys one such product. Yes I have found one body lotion which gives me everything I wanted from a lotion plus they do not have paraben. If you have read my Vaseline spray review then you must be knowing that I have been loving it a lot and this cocoa butter lotion from Greenberry Organics is giving a very good competition to it. So now let’s get into the review.

Greenberry organics Cocoa butter body and hand lotion review, khadija beauty

Price: Rs.400 for 200ML (Offer is going on. Grab it for Rs.399 now) *Run*

Availability: Very easily available on Amazon


Greenberry organics Cocoa butter body and hand lotion review, khadija beauty

Shelf-life: 24 months

Also mentioned that we are supposed to use the product within 6 months of opening. Come on it’s very hard to last for even 3 months. So no worries about the expiry date.

Product Description

Cocoa Butter – Hydrates every layer of skin thus totally evading any chance of dryness.

Japanese Orange – Combats bacteria and gives that fresh feeling all day long.

Go for the rich feeling skin that smells equally good

  1. The days of humidity are bidding adieu leading to a lot of fuss over how to hydrate our skin to the best. Thankfully, it has cocoa butter to the rescue.
  2. Say goodbye to dark patches and dull skin as cocoa butter is an excellent antioxidant as well.
  3. Banish all the dullness with Orange and keep your skin smooth and clean on surface and healthy on inside.

About the brand- Greenberry Organics

Greenberry Organics are makers of fresh, natural and handmade cosmetics assorted in small batches to ensure purity and authenticity. The ultimate mission of Greenberry Organics is to strive hard to make a difference in standard and conventional production methods filled with irregularities, animal abuse and unfair remuneration. They manufacture the products in a small batch to ensure the quality and freshness of the ingredients.  The company follows all natural ingredient policy (Strict quality control ensures only natural and naturally processed ingredients are used, which can potentially cause no harm to human skin). To know about this brand in detail, click here

My experience with Greenberry Organics Cocoa Butter Body and Hand Lotion

The very first thing which I noticed subconsciously about Greenberry Organics cocoa butter body and hand lotion is its smell. It has a very dominating fragrance of jasmine which some may like and some may not like. I love the smell but sometimes I feel like it overpowering *basically depends on the mood?* It has a tinge of orange fragrance too as it contains the Japanese Orange extract. But as I said because of strong jasmine aroma, the smell of other ingredients are not too distinctive. I am pretty sure that majority of you will like its fragrance. My mom loved its smell as well?

The packaging of this Greenberry Organics Cocoa butter lotion is very basic. It comes in a white see-through bottle with black flip open cap. You can find all the details about the lotion on the sticker on the bottle. On a whole packaging is simple, easy to carry, safe and you know what the packaging is biodegradable * a big thumbs up for that*

Greenberry organics Cocoa butter body and hand lotion review, khadija beauty

The lotion is opaque white in color. The consistency of the lotion is medium and is very buttery because of the cocoa butter present in it. Cocoa butter has numerous benefits for skin and also acts as a natural preservative. Cocoa butter is a natural antioxidant, hydrates the chapped and dry skin. I have heard that it reduces the stretch marks too.

Greenberry organics Cocoa butter body and hand lotion review, khadija beauty

The skin type of my body is normal but obviously, all the skin types get dry during winter. And this lotion perfectly works on me. It is not greasy at all and it gets absorbed into the skin very easily. These are the main reasons why I am loving this lotion. And one more fact is that they do not contain paraben? I am using this regularly both during day and night. It makes the dry patches disappear in just a single application. Due to constant climate changes, my brother observed scaly and dry patches over his hand. And all those dry patchy skin were gone by just applying it overnight( so basically this is not just my experience but my mom and my brother’s experience too :P)

Greenberry organics Cocoa butter body and hand lotion review, khadija beauty


Greenberry organics Cocoa butter body and hand lotion review, khadija beauty

After blending. Immediately absorbed into the skin leaving my skin smooth

This lotion gives a soft and beautiful looking skin after the application. It makes the skin looks healthier and gives a velvety texture.


Amazing things about Greenberry Organics Cocoa Butter Body and Hand Lotion

Travel-friendly packaging

Against animal testing

Handmade with Love

Environment safe packaging

Assorted and ethical sourcing

100% natural and vegan

Made from pure oils and extract

Super hydrating


Appealing fragrance

Suitable for all skin types

Both men and women can use this

Biodegradable packaging


Some may feel the fragrance as overpowering

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  1. I’ve heard about this brand lately a lot on Insta! Shall look up their product line 🙂 thanks for the review 🙂 🙂

  2. A paraben free cocoa butter lotion sounds awesome. All the cocoa lotions we get in shops contain parabens. Will give this a try…

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