16 Best Affordable Toners In India Under Rs.500| Alcohol-free

Best affordable toners In India Under Rs.500| Alcohol- Free

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This is the second post of the series “Affordable skincare products under Rs.500”. So I have given an ultimate list of affordable face wash/ face cleansers under Rs.250 & Rs.500 in my previous post. I am covering the topic in the same order as we follow any skincare routine (CTM) so the next step after cleansing is toning the face.

What is toning?

I am sure a lot of you guys know what a toner is, but to those who don’t know, toner helps in removing the extra gunk from the face post the cleansing process. Yes even after washing the face, there are some dust and impurities which stay back on the face and in the pores. That’s when a toner is used. There are different toners available targeting different skin issues.

Toners help to tone the face, drying out the pimples and also helps in preventing the pimples and clogged pores.

How to use a toner?

Just take some amount of toner in a cotton pad and start wiping your face with it. You will see some dirt/gunk on the cotton pad. That’s the actual job of a toner?

So here we go. List of affordable Toners in India under Rs.500

Rose Water

This is one of the mildest yet effective toners that can be used for any skin issues and by any skin type.

– Calms the skin

– provide Hydration

– Tone down the skin

Rose water can also be used as a face mist for instant refreshment. There are so many brands with affordable and good quality rose water. Some are

Fab India Rose water- Price: 290 for 100ml

Banjara Rose water – Price: Rs.45 ( 120 ml) & Rs.400 (5 L) ?

Urban platter rose (pure hydrosol) – Rs.370 ( 600 ml)

Kama Ayurveda pure rose water – Price: Rs 250 for 50 ml

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & clarifying toner

Price : Rs.83 for 100ml

– Alcohol free

– Removes impurities & dust

– Gentle & suitable for combination skin

– May not work the best for oily skin

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing & clarifying toner

Biotique Bio cucumber Pore tightening toner with Himalayan water

Price: Rs. 175 for 120 ml

– Calms down the skin

– Suitable for normal to oily skin

– Tingles when applied around eyes

– Effectively removes the dirt and impurities

– Has strong solvent smell which goes off after application

– Prevents breakouts

Biotique BIO CUCUMBER toner review, khadija beauty

BIOTIQUE Bio honey water clarifying toner with Himalayan water

Price: Rs.175 for 120 ml

– For normal to dry skin

– Hydrating

– Contains blends of hydrating ingredient

– Has a bit of alcoholic smell to it

BIOTIQUE Bio honey water clarifying toner with Himalayan water

Lotus Herbals Basiltine cucumber & Basil Clarifying & Balancing toner

Price: Rs. 295 for 100 ml

– Mild toner

– Alcohol-free

– suitable for combination skin

– provide Hydration

– Removes dirt from pores and is a good one for acne prone skin

Lotus Herbals Basiltine cucumber & Basil Clarifying & Balancing toner

Neutrogena deep clean Blackhead eliminating cooling toner

Price: Rs.429 for 200 ml

– Gives a clear skin

– Reduces blackheads on regular usage

– Gives a cooling sensation

– Tightens the skin

Neutrogena deep clean Blackhead eliminating cooling toner

VLCC punarnava astringent

Price: Rs. 160 for 100 ml

– Clams down the pimples

– A good option for oily & acne prone skin

– Works well on combination skin

– Prevents breakouts

VLCC punarnava astringent

Plum Green tea Toner

Price: Rs.390

– Alcohol-free

– Controls acne

– Contains glycolic acid which helps in removing the dead cells. It is a chemical exfoliant.

– Best for oily and acne prone skin

– Paraben & sulfate free

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Plum Green tea Toner

Plum chamomile & white tea toner

Price: Rs.390

– Alcohol-free

– Fortified with vitamin B3 to maintain the skin tone

– Contains chamomile, white tea, green tea, olive leaf extract

– calms down the skin

– Removes dirt from deep pores

–  Has strong smell which some may love and some may not

– Best suitable for dry & dehydrated skin

Plum chamomile & white tea toner

Aromamagic aromatic skin toner

Rs.115 for 100 & Rs.195 for 200ml

– Alcohol-free antiseptic toner

– Amazing one for oily, acne prone & sensitive skin

– Can be a bit drying on dry skin

– Control oil on the face

Aromamagic aromatic skin toner

Indulgeo essentials face mist

Price: Rs.300 for 50 ml

– Can be used as a toner also

– Available in different variants

– Calms down the skin & prevent breakouts

– Hydrating

– Helps in toning the skin tone

Indulgeo essentials face mist

Other variants available too

Juicy chemistry Rosewater

Price: Rs. 450 for 100 ml

– Used as a toning face mist and also as a toner

– Helps maintain skin’s natural pH balance

– Refreshes the dehydrated skin

– Pure & calming fragrance

– Comparable to kama Ayurveda rose water & this is the affordable option

Juicy chemistry Rosewater

Kaya daily pore minimising toner

Price: Rs.440 for 200ml

– Alcohol free

– Contains hazel extract, cucumber & niacinamide

– Suitable for oily to combination skin

– Tightens the pores

Kaya daily pore minimising toner

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