Dove Beauty Cream Review| Non- Greasy moisturiser for all skin types

dove beauty cream, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 The secret for beautiful skin lies in supplementing the skin with proper hydration. Therefore moisturiser is one product every individual must use. No matter they are men or women or children or what skin… Continue Reading

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review| Best hair oil for hair fall and dandruff

Satthwa Premium hair oil, best natural hair oil to fight hair fall and dandruff (2)

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 Hair is one of the precious things and every one of us love to maintain a good and healthy hair. But Hair related problems are very common these days for both men and women.… Continue Reading

Rocky Star Handbag Review| Chic And Classy Black Handbag

Rocky star handbag, chic and classy black handbag, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!! 😊 I am the kind of girl who loves shopping and collecting makeup, handbags, watches, rings and also loves trying new accessories. I prefer classy things over funky ones. It’s not that I don’t… Continue Reading