Homemade Super hydrating drinks | Say Bye to dehydration

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Hello everyone!!! Summer is still in some parts of India while it’s almost monsoon in other parts. One of the things which most of us is still facing dehydration. Our body needs constant hydration either by drinking water or having… Continue Reading

Different applications of Pantone Formula Guide solid coated and uncoated

pantone formula guide, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 This post is for all the people who love colors and also love experimenting with colors. Colors are something that directly influences the soul. There are colors that instantly make us happy. So today I… Continue Reading

Is the HCG diet safe?

is hcg diet safe, khadija beauty

Obesity is certainly not one of the things anyone would like to suffer from, or flaunt. When living in a judgmental world where body shaming and fat shaming are extremely rampant, a lot of people aim to try for the… Continue Reading

Tat Queen Review | Luxury Temporary Tattoos| Elegance Collection

tat queen temporary tattoss review, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 Today I am going to share with you all about a brand who has classy and luxurious tattoo collections😍 The brand is called Tat Queen and they are Asia’s leading metallic temporary tattoos brand.… Continue Reading