Is the HCG diet safe?

is hcg diet safe, khadija beauty

Obesity is certainly not one of the things anyone would like to suffer from, or flaunt. When living in a judgmental world where body shaming and fat shaming are extremely rampant, a lot of people aim to try for the… Continue Reading

Oil Cleansing Method for acne| Get a guaranteed clear skin

oil cleansing method, oil cleansing method for acne, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 I know a lot of you guys must have heard about oil cleansing method (OCM) but how many if you have actually tried it? A few months back while researching on the internet for… Continue Reading

Get a perfect makeup base with cute PAC cosmetics macaron powder puff

PAC macaron sponge review, makeup sponge review, macaron powder puff, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 Trying out different makeup tools is something which I love and I am pretty sure all makeup geeks love it too. So a few months back PAC Cosmetics released their extremely cute macaron powder… Continue Reading

The Skin Time face mask sheet review| Sheet mask for glowing & hydrating skin

The skin time face mask sheet, face sheet mask for glowing skin, khadija beauty

Hello my lovely people out there!!!😊 I am back with another review on face mask sheet. Off lately I have been try many different face mask sheets especially for glowing and hydrated skin. So I am going to review two… Continue Reading